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Your cars / Re: Pics of my R5 - UPDATED 15/01/2010 pic heavy!!
« on: 20:19, Wed 22 February 2012 »
Car looks well mate, what did you do with the donor car?

Your cars / MOT Passed 26-AUG-2011
« on: 22:54, Sun 28 August 2011 »
Friday was MOT day and the R5 passed with flying colours!  :D

Also managed a few other things on the car,suspension has been raised to -30mm and torsion bar adjusted to match, have fitted a pipercross airfilter as the standard airbox doesnt seem to like the cup mod!

Plus have got these to fit  :D

Your cars / Re: R5 now back together 09-JUL-2011
« on: 21:46, Tue 19 July 2011 »
R5 is now taxed and back on the road! Have fitted roof linning and rewired the interior light in! Just got boot to replace and a decent polish and cars sorted!

Your cars / Re: R5 now back together 09-JUL-2011
« on: 20:34, Mon 11 July 2011 »
Cheers, am really glad to see it all together (I now have space in my house). I had to replace passenger side wing and had the body kit and grill sprayed, rest of the car ive left for the time being as im running low on funds!

Your cars / Re: R5 now back together 09-JUL-2011
« on: 18:07, Sun 10 July 2011 »
Cheers for comments, has taken alot of time to get the car to this standard

wasnt happy with how front grill and bumper sat, so after abit of modding and a jack i got a much more pleasing result!

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 20:44, Sat 09 July 2011 »
Just finnished putting the car back together am absolutely knackered! Has turned out alright - just need to get roof linning fitted and my replacement boot put on!

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 22:46, Wed 11 May 2011 »
More progress from this weekend!

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 21:18, Mon 18 April 2011 »
This weeks progress, phase 2 doorcards to be fitted next, well impressed  with how VIP carpet came out was filthy when I got it!

« on: 23:55, Sun 20 March 2011 »
A completely different car now, top work - seeing all these restored fives makes me want to get mine fully sorted! Instead of looking sorry for itself on the drive

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 21:44, Sun 13 March 2011 »

Looking even more sorry for itself now

Cant deside weather to do a full body resto or just the kit as i had originally intended to

General Chat / Re: is there anybody from the north east ?
« on: 21:39, Sun 13 March 2011 »
Yep was the ebay ones, got em for 35, so was worth the petrol cost to get em

General Chat / Re: is there anybody from the north east ?
« on: 20:59, Sat 12 March 2011 »
Went up to Newcastle today to get some original speedlines, past bishop auckland on the way

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 21:28, Sat 05 March 2011 »
Looking very sorry for itself at the moment, boot,bumpers and grill have gone to the body shop!

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 20:09, Mon 14 February 2011 »
Nice looking R5 - just like how I want to get mine looking like!

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 23:11, Sun 13 February 2011 »
Test fit of new grilll today before it goes off for spraying

Would be up for a south yorkshire meet!

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