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Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 07:54, Wed 18 March 2009 »
I took the turbo off last year inspect it and couldnt see no oil deposits.  When i put the turbo back on the smoking stopped. It been off the road for three months and it seems to have started again. It done this last year and after more use it was fine. Could this be due to lack of use.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Smoke at idle
« on: 19:32, Tue 17 March 2009 »
I havent had my R5 turbo on the road long. It seems to run fine no lumps or bumps. It pulls through the revs nice with no lag. If i stop and leave it to idle after a drive (not hard) it seems to puff out a bif of oily smoke but not all the time it seems to be once or twice in a night, and sometimes never. Ive got a feeling it could be a oil seal on the turbo just letting a bit of oild through. The turbo ive got is a KTR 180 hybrid with a 360 thrust bearing. It will take up to 25psi and 200bhp but im only running 13 psi 20% of the time and 6psi the rest. It runs at about 150bhp so i know its not been put under pressure. Could anyone shed any light.many thanks

Newbies / Hello There
« on: 19:24, Tue 17 March 2009 »
hi there my name Chris and im from the Great Yarmouth area. I own a renault 5 gt turbo phase two. It has had a lot of work done to engine wise and cosmetically. Its a 88 plate and is finished in a house of kolor Kandy Oranage.

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