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Newbies / Re: I'm new so splease only light spankings here!!!
« on: 22:41, Tue 02 February 2010 »
Welcomes to the forum sweetie. (after being told off for not welcoming you)

Newbies / Re: I'm Back....again!!
« on: 08:52, Fri 29 January 2010 »
Right needing a bit of advice already, she's puffing out a lot of white smoke while driving and blue smoke the turbo dumps....We think it is over fueling, and over boosing (20psi)
Any help would be great!

Newbies / Re: I'm Back....again!!
« on: 07:43, Fri 29 January 2010 »
WE GOT IT!!!! YAY!!!! She really does need some work (mostly asthetic) tax and MOT but runs and is apparently quite rapid (not allowed to drive her due to imminant baby)
Swapped with a vauxhaull frontera (paid 460) so think we got ourselves quite a bargain.
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Newbies / Re: I'm Back....again!!
« on: 14:30, Mon 25 January 2010 »
Absolutely gutted, the other half may not be getting it now, I feel as though my emotions have been played with! Bugger it, I'll be back in a 5 one day!!

Newbies / Re: I'm Back....again!!
« on: 21:15, Sat 23 January 2010 »
Right thought I'd get a pic up of the 5 we may be getting, not sure if anyone would recognise it, it was apparently a max power cover car at one stage of it's life. Needs a bit of work now though, but in my opinion would make a great little project. If anyone knows it and can give us a bit more info that'd be great!

General Chat / Re: Congrats James
« on: 11:05, Wed 20 January 2010 »
Massive congrats!
I have 6 weeks left myself, another petrol head on the way!!

Newbies / I'm Back....again!!
« on: 10:30, Wed 20 January 2010 »
Heyo to anyone that may or may not remember me...
Just thought I'd pop back in as my lovely other half may well be getting a R5gtt (for us to share...awww), I have been through 2 campus primas, and my life long dream has been to have a turbo!

We are looking at one after the weekend that will need a bit of tlc and could be a bit of a fun project, but that's all good seen as I'm not in a great state to be driving at the moment due to being 8 months pregnant and too huge to fit behind a wheel. Will let you know if we get this turbo or not as soon as I know myself!!

General Chat /
« on: 13:38, Mon 18 August 2008 »
what happens if you get a group of equally stunning girls??

General Chat /
« on: 08:59, Sat 16 August 2008 »
Well seen as i lost the game i thought i would make you all lose too, and in doing so let you all know...i'm back...AGAIN!!! lol.
Good news though, my car should be back on the road soon, and i will hopefully sort my licence out soon too!! lol

General Chat / I lost the game
« on: 19:40, Fri 15 August 2008 »
You are playing the game
Whenever you think about the game, you lose
Loss must be announced

General Chat /
« on: 12:05, Thu 14 February 2008 »
ooooooooooohhh dear......... its not big, and its not clever.  :shock:

Newbies /
« on: 08:05, Tue 22 January 2008 »
lol, well at least im remembered!!

General Chat /
« on: 16:13, Mon 21 January 2008 »
Turbo bailies: 50ml bailies, and 25ml vodka on ice, tastes like bailies gets you wankered tho!! love it  :D

Site/Forum/Computers /
« on: 19:05, Sun 20 January 2008 »

Newbies /
« on: 18:52, Sun 20 January 2008 »
Not qiute got the gtt, or my licence back yet, BUT have just bouth myself a little campus prima for 160, in really good nick. Really excited that i have a 5 again!!!!!!!!  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D Cant wait to get back on the road now.


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