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« on: 21:47, Wed 24 June 2009 »
possibly this weekend if i can get it arranged. its from Hungerford (between Newbury and Swindon) to me in le12 9pp (leicestershire) i will try to get the postcode for pick up as well. any ideas on price??

Michael (Ditch)


i need a trailor to pick up a car, i am based in leicestershire so around there preferable. I can put down some sort of deposit for it until i return it. or if anyone knows of a cheap hire place, any help greatly appreciated.



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« on: 22:08, Fri 19 June 2009 »
5teve l he wasnt called Nick was he? i met a lad in oz who had maried a thai girl.

General Chat / blue phase II
« on: 23:20, Mon 15 June 2009 »
Can anyone tell me if there was ever a blue phase II other than the raider made?

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« on: 23:17, Mon 15 June 2009 »
you will have to let me know how you get one because i havent had very good quotes yet but have to admit have prob not tried as hard as i could yet as i still do not own a 5. but have had a few quotes around 400 classic insurance with some mods. 25 driving 7 yrs no points / claims but only 2 years ncb.

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« on: 22:57, Mon 08 June 2009 »
thats why i bit my lip and put gits! lol!

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« on: 22:27, Mon 08 June 2009 »
Gutting!!! so sorry to hear that pal, hope the thieving gits get whats coming to them one way or another!

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:24, Mon 08 June 2009 »
sorry for hi-jacking the thread but that is a great looking list there Bernard, i am sure i will use that list at some point!  :wink:

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« on: 22:49, Thu 04 June 2009 »
hi mate where are you and if you do not want the raider can you let us know as im after a raider myself. cheers Michael

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« on: 22:41, Thu 04 June 2009 »
so jimmy how you getting on with the phase one? what did you do to the cooling system to make it better or have you stuck with the original?

and by the way your phase one does look absolutely mint!! i would love a phase 1 or 2 looking like that. i have to say if i could get one i would love a raider, anyone got one?!

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« on: 19:35, Thu 04 June 2009 »
thanks for the advice mate. i personally have always fancied a phase 2 but i tend to see a lot more of them out and about and after seeing a mint phase 1 thought tht it would be nice to have something slightly different. Also i am finding it hard to source a good phase 2 around my area.

General Chat / phase 1's
« on: 18:52, Thu 04 June 2009 »
Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. Is the phase one any rarer or more sort after than the phase two's? Will these or do these hold there value more than phase 2's? are the parts harder and / or more expensive to get hold of? i heard the turbo's are different to the phase 2s, something to do with water/oil cooling? (might be wrong!). if this is true is it hard to get hold of a turbo upgrade? say a T2/25??

Thanks a lot in advance for the help guys.


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« on: 22:04, Mon 01 June 2009 »
pretty much every fiat for me!! i suppose the original 500 as ok and quirky but the rest are toss in my opinion, even the coupe turbo!!! i actually do not mind the civics apart from the new space ship looking one which is horrible, but suprisingly nice inside.

General Chat / Anyone know this car?
« on: 22:24, Sun 31 May 2009 »
H985 BVL   tungy grey

Might even be someones on here but i had a feeling it might be the one oakgreen16v (think thats the right name) won on ebay but then did not buy!?

Sorry if this is a different car! just wondering if anyone knew it and knew what it is like.


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« on: 22:44, Wed 27 May 2009 »
i know what your saying but i think engine work and parts can be sourced and fitted by myself for a decent price if i am willing to shop around, ebay / here / ebay etc. But if i get a good engine one with dodgy body it might cost me more and i cannot do bodywork, welding, spraying etc so that seems more daunting to me. im pretty torn at the mo, i would like something inbetween, some main engine parts and decent bodywork with no rot, maybe bits of rust but preferably on replaceable panels, i.e. doore, wings, bonnet etc not where it needs fixing and welding.

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