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Your cars / Re: back in blue!
« on: 23:23, Wed 05 October 2011 »
Looking good's nice to see him all in one colour agen and rot free. thanks for getting him finished off as I just didn't have the cash to do it anymore.interior is also a nice touch with the cream up retrimed dash?

Did you manage to sort out the running issues after it over heated?

Your cars / Re: Recent welding and filler work
« on: 22:30, Sat 17 September 2011 »
looking forward to seeing it in colour.

there are 2 bleed screws on the top rad hoses. one ontop of water pump and the other goes to the rad. blow into the header tank and get someone to undo the higher bleed screw untill coolant flows from the nipple without air, then do the same on the lower one and finally top up the coolant

Your cars / Re: Recent welding and filler work
« on: 23:47, Thu 08 September 2011 »
finally the coat of paint hes been waiting for!! cant wait to see this all in one colour. ur "keeping the dream alive"   :D

good to hear its goin well. clio is awesome and only mods are the bright blue ph1 172 wheels and r888's for track. money goes on the camper now

Your cars / Re: Recent welding and filler work
« on: 20:14, Thu 25 August 2011 »
looking good dean, its good to see that lil old tubs is finally getting his new lease of life

keep it up and looking forward to seeing it all one colour

There now only bros dci Clio.look soo much better on that

No worries send me a pm and we'll sort something out.also got the STD ph2 spoiler still

thats good to hear. how much did you get him for in the end if you dont mind me asking?
best way to uploads pics is using

btw ive still got the cream headlights and the california mirrors in my garage

good to here the last owner didnt totally kill him  :x

Your cars / Re: proud new owner
« on: 19:01, Fri 05 August 2011 »
hello fella! good to see lil old tubs is back with a good owner, emma didnt look after him very well at all  :(

i look forward to seeing his progress of the rebuild

lovin the 182 so far.handles loads better than the old 5 ever did but then it used to suffer from bump steer,and its like a roller to drive compaired to the rawness of the 5 lol


both together

the 5's now been SOLD, and i have a 182 in replacement. haven been on here much to update really so will get some pics up of its before it went (porsche teledials fitted)

the rear lights are std lights tinted red

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 19:10, Mon 08 November 2010 »
Quote from: "BriC"

The rear bolts? Absolutely sh!te those captive things they put on around the nut... I find you can just about get a spanner on the nut, but you need two people. One to hold the spanner, and one to undo the bolt.

someone beat me to mine as the bolts where rounded and couldnt quite get my welder in there lol, maybe one day i'll do it all properly but untill now its all good lol

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 12:03, Sun 07 November 2010 »
Quote from: "Benj88"
Cheers mate, I wish my bay looked like yours!

atleast ppl can see urs when you drive past, cant do that with my bay lol.

subframe is something i could of done with removing but all the captive nuts started to spin so ended up just painting it with hammerite on the car  :oops:

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