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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: C3j sump
« on: 12:46, Tue 24 June 2014 »
Youll need to put an outlet in for the turbo oil return.

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 12:59, Fri 31 January 2014 »
Cheers, i got it in though by drilling new holes in the existing mount.

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 21:23, Tue 08 October 2013 »
Thats looking fresh man, Ive always thought orange looked crap on a car, the more i see it the more i realise its cool and retro looking.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Back of F block engine
« on: 13:02, Mon 30 September 2013 »
Hi guys, Does anyone have a photo of the back of an F type engine like b18ft or f7r i can look at.

I think my oil pump has some issues but i cant tell whats going on down there.

Its got a little cap ontop, i dont know what thats for.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: B18ft wiring (not mine a mates this time)
« on: 21:11, Mon 16 September 2013 »
Ok, making progress, i think the 3rd wire on the crank position switch is infact an earth.
The battery in the remote is dead and i we think that the alarm is in a constant state of imobilised.
Were still not getting spark.

Compression was 13 75 130 130 after head gasket change, but were putting that down to that its been sat for a while.

Any help on this guys, its getting cold now, we need this running.  Cheers

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 23:01, Fri 06 September 2013 »
My last one was on my e30 and my last campus. I assume its a remake, the welding on it is shocking anyway.

Its the pops i like. Plus its a pretty cheap back box with plenty of props to go with  ;)

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 20:08, Fri 06 September 2013 »
Got my cherry bomb fitted. Just on a clamp atm.

Curb is in the way but as you can see its sitting pretty low. Also it looks like it sticks out a mile so its needs moving back in under the car.

Also got first coat on my wheels, looks nice, but up close the finish is crap. Still cant decide if i want gloss or satin black either.  :D

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 19:06, Sat 31 August 2013 »
So i put it back together today with original brakes and hubs and the new shocks.

It actually sits even lower now, which means the wheels scrub the arches and the inners on full lock.

Had to roll the arches with a small hammer which took all the paint off,

Ive had to prime it for now just to keep the rust away.

Still dont know if it has cured the scrubbing as ive not been out yet. Ill find out later :D

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 23:11, Fri 30 August 2013 »
Yeah so basically campus shocks on gt hubs give you camber like that.

we still had to enlarge the top hole on the shock to get it to fit.
But im putting campus hubs back on tomorrow.

The brakes:  gt caliper is slightly longer where it pulls the pad. This part looks detachable and swapable.
                     gt carrier has a larger aperture to fit thicker vented discs.
                     So to get gt brakes on campus, you need the carrier and the back part of the gt calipers.

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 22:28, Fri 30 August 2013 »
Well a few months in and its all running well.
Only issues are the exhaust scraping and an insanly bumpy ride :D  but i can live with those.

So i got some gt turbo hubs with brakes so i can actually stop.

Went to put the hubs on with what i thought was gt turbo shocks and got this.

Which is good if you like buying tyres, which i really dont. So im putting this back to normal with rubish brakes tomorrow.

Also, got my wheels in primer off the volvo

Still deciding what colour to go for.
Having some 20mm spacers made up, ive got my long wheel bolts ready, then i need to get a set of tires.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Will gt brake discs fit campus
« on: 22:57, Tue 06 August 2013 »
Yeah i want the hubs ideally, cus i think ill need some gt shocks aswell.
Maybe thats the way forward

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clio GT Turbo
« on: 12:18, Tue 09 July 2013 »
Good battery and a good earth are a good starting point.
Check both those, then if still no luck try bumping, it could be the solenoid on the starter itself.
Also check the connections on the starter, i know i knocked off the smaller one and it did this.

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 22:57, Wed 03 July 2013 »
Had a bit of a breakdown on sunday.
Turns out i had the water pump the right way round the first time, but had a massive air lock in the system.
Ive sorted all the hoses out, used some nice plumbing fittings.
And put a bleed nipple in the rad.
It runs perfectly now, and i dont have to worry about overheating (anymore)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18ft pressure test
« on: 09:56, Mon 01 July 2013 »
Im getting 150, 90, 100, 150.

This means that its popped between cylinders 2 and 3 right?
Im also super heating the coolant, but not sure if im actually running it through the cylinders.



Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18ft wiring (not mine a mates this time)
« on: 22:03, Tue 25 June 2013 »
We have changed the head gasket and cant remember how the wiring was done.
The Crank Position Sensor has an extra wire, which we labelled (not connected),
The ignition plug has 3 wires, one is cut short and one is cut and was connected, but should that be the one on the CPS?

Also his indicators are on constantly, we dont know why.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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