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Other Renaults / Re: R11 Turbo engine bay help needed
« on: 06:56, Thu 25 March 2010 »
Here is picture from similar inlet manifold (not exactly same), but there are same number of ports and and in same places:

How you can take carb into that circle? I think that in my case carburettor is not a choice.

Other Renaults / Re: R11 Turbo engine bay help needed
« on: 05:22, Wed 24 March 2010 »
Yes. That helped a lot. It seems that there was no catch tank or swirl pot when I bought this car. I need to buy that then.

Explanation from picture #9 and #10.

There are total of three "connectors" at inlet manifold. If one at the middle goes to brake servo, then there are two left. One at right and one at it part of coolant system? If it is part of coolant system, then I would like to know where I should take from inlent manifold.

I though that hose comes from water pump to inlet manifold, from there it goes to (turbo?) and is circulated back from turbo to water pump (???).

Other Renaults / Re: R11 Turbo engine bay pictures needed
« on: 19:11, Tue 23 March 2010 »
I took some pictures more. Maybe you can help me a bit :).

Where I should connect steel reinforced hoses?

What I should connect there and how? I have sandwich plate that I will use to take oil lines to oilcooler, but how about those two in engine block?

What is that mystery hose at the middle? It should be located near that place. Where it goes and where it comes?

Where hose goes from that empty place?

These two are connected to same place. Where I should connect those ends?

Where I should connec that?

What hoses I should connect to all places? I know that there is one hose already connected, but I am not sure about that.

How many and which hoses I should connect to that airintake "connector"?

There are total of three (didnt find more) connectors in inletmanifold. Those pictures are from behind. Where and what hoses I should connect to those?

Thanks :)

Other Renaults / R11 Turbo engine bay help needed
« on: 16:04, Tue 23 March 2010 »
Hi again mates...

After long brake I have started my project again. Now I have serious problems with hoses and wires.

Do you have detailed pictures (maybe haynes pictures too) from parts, connectors etc.

Wiring diagram would be very good to have and also I have problems to figure where to plug hoses in a carburettor that I have (and what hoses).

Here is picture from carburettor.

That carburettor is twinchoke weber that T.T.S has made in denmark, originally it was designed and made to R5 GTT, but I bought this to my car.

If I remember well someone at this forum here has one.

Your cars / Re: Spraying my R5
« on: 19:24, Sat 21 November 2009 »
I recommend that spray for example Daytona Nero... all some other not so radical efect paint... ... 7382adea1b

There are dozens of different kind of efect paints that are cool :) .

Your cars / Re: New paint! R11 Turbo from Finland
« on: 12:42, Fri 20 November 2009 »
Wheels are also ready now. :) .

Your cars / Re: New seats! R11 Turbo from Finland
« on: 09:49, Fri 20 November 2009 »
Now some pics...

Your cars / Re: R11 turbo zender
« on: 09:40, Fri 20 November 2009 »
Oh my...a rally car :D ...very nice :)

Your cars / Re: R11 turbo zender
« on: 22:48, Thu 19 November 2009 »
Nice! Keep going  :)

Your cars / Re: New seats! R11 Turbo from Finland
« on: 22:32, Thu 19 November 2009 »
hmm....after long time...maybe I should update this a little bit.

Engine is now totally rebuilded.

We painted car once, but painter was not that good and he "ruined" car. We sanded all paint away and then resprayed whole car. I lost motivation also and it was gone for three months.

Now car is painted. There are still some striping that need to be done and at next week I should be able to finnish car painting. Then I can start to look for parts that are missing and put pieces together.

I will post pictures soon, when I have uploaded those to server.

Other Renaults /
« on: 18:05, Fri 24 July 2009 »
Ok...I find out how I should do it.

I will use inlet manifolds cooling to cool turbo too. :)

Here is link:

Other Renaults / Turbo cooling
« on: 11:16, Wed 22 July 2009 »
Where I can take (steal) cooling water for turbo or should I use oil instead? I have T25 turbo in my R11 Turbo.

Any pictures that might help?  :)

General Chat / R5 Alpine Turbo "only little bit wider"
« on: 17:43, Tue 23 June 2009 »
Friend of mine from our car club ( RTF ) made some modifications to his car...

Hood and engine bay is not ready....yet...


Other Renaults /
« on: 08:36, Sun 14 June 2009 »
Thanks about that... I try to find a place :) ...still there are some question marks.  :)  :oops:

Other Renaults /
« on: 08:34, Sat 13 June 2009 »
Did you recognize any connector or wire?

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