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General Chat / Re: My new venture
« on: 11:53, Sun 17 April 2011 »
Best of luck  :D

Newbies / Re: Newbie from Cheshire
« on: 09:04, Sun 17 April 2011 »
Welcome mate I'm from Runcorn, where abouts in Cheshire are you from?

General Chat / Re: Rover 220i turbo for free?
« on: 20:05, Mon 11 April 2011 »
I've heard about this before mate, have a look here ... 450-a.html

If you have to register I will copy and paste

General Chat / Re: who has the most ink???
« on: 14:02, Sun 03 April 2011 »
I've got a spiders web on my elbow, I was glad to get it done cause I went to the tattooist with the worst toothache I have ever had and the tat took my mind off the toothache  :lol:

General Chat / Re: who has the most ink???
« on: 09:21, Wed 30 March 2011 »
Just the six for me

« on: 12:48, Sat 19 March 2011 »
That looks stunning mate but your not really helping  :(  I've got my heart set on a white GTT but every time I see a tungy I keep changing my mind lol

General Chat / Re: Best insurance on a 5gtt
« on: 08:27, Tue 08 March 2011 »
100k  :lol:  My Dad got a quote of them for 100k for a focus st3, he's 62 for Christs sake  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My new R5
« on: 09:20, Fri 11 February 2011 »
Agree with the OE bumper comments so much better  :D

General Chat / Re: Old school
« on: 14:54, Tue 08 February 2011 »
Cheers for the answers lads   :D

I suppose alot of tuners these days would rather plug a laptop into a modern car rather than messing about with a 20 year old french rust bucket  :lol:

Shame really  :(

Mark just had a look at your page on facebook looking good mate  8)

General Chat / Old school
« on: 23:04, Sun 06 February 2011 »
Since I've been out of the Renault scene for a few years messing around with fords and vauxhalls I've recently been getting the urge for another 5.

The thing is I 've been looking at all the tuners that were around last time (2002), what's happened to the likes of europarts in Stoke, grey devil industries and bb performance tuning?
Is it because lot's of 5 have been scrapped and the owners moved on to jap stuff  :?:

Just curious really  :D

General Chat / Re: how old are we all???????
« on: 22:58, Sun 06 February 2011 »
I'm 30  :(  had my 5 from 18 -22 and feeling the need for another one, what am I thinking  :lol:

Your cars /
« on: 07:52, Thu 16 October 2008 »
lovely car mate  :D

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