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Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 20:07, Thu 08 December 2016 »
I haven't been on here for a long long time, Ive been so busy with work but I've got my own workshop now and after having the 5 for 9 years, it finally got properly cleaned and detailed.

I was asked to go to a show, and was told everyone is entering show and shine... a show car this is definitely not!
Ah well, I thought it better at least have a tidy up.

The car onoy really gets a QD wipe down before it's taken out and lives in an underground car park.
Some dirt inside, outside, everywhere, haha.

They wheels, tyres and arches were cleaned up with Auto Finesse Imperial, Verso and followed up with Iron Out.

Safety first...

Auto Finesse Avalanche was used to pre wash the car. While it was softening the dirt, the little gaps and shuts were dealt using a detailing brush.

This was followed up with a 2 bucket method wash using Auto Finesse Lather.

Taken inside after a thorough final rinse and dried using compressed air and an Aqua Deluxe towel.

The car was clayed and then onto polishing.

These will be rubbish as I didn't set the camera up for the different light. Whoops!

Only a finishing polish on a medium polishing pad was needed to get where I wanted.

There's always been some marring on the bootlid, you can see the sweeping lines below the torch.

Easily removed.

The bonnet before (it was Tungsten grey when I got it, and it'll be easier to sell on one day if it's still grey)
This took a much heavier polishing set with further refinement.


The paintwork was then waxed with ODK Wax Eclipse.

All unpainted plastics were treated. There's a lot on this car!

The interior was a bit grubby. Fully vacuumed. Plastics wiped down with the new ODK interior detailer.

I then turned to the engine bay. Auto Finesse Verso sprayed on and agitated, before being removed with a microfiber cloth.

The alloy intercooler had become tarnished. I didn't have time to remove it so just the top was polished.

After - the crusty looking intake will be swapped very soon.

The exhaust take a pasting from the road.

Auto Finesse Mercury used to bring it back.

The glass was polished with Auto Finesse Vision.
Tyres dressed with Gyeon Tire.

All finished up :)

Thanks for reading!
Any comments or questions, fire away!

General Chat / Re: This site
« on: 13:11, Tue 17 June 2014 »
I've just come back for a visit and spent an hour so far deleting these medicine posts :(
It'd be a lot easier with the old style moderator view. It's one at a time now.

Newbies / Re: newbie noob here, hello ;)
« on: 10:19, Mon 23 December 2013 »
Welcome to the club Rob  8)

How's the project coming along?

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 07:44, Sun 06 October 2013 »
I haven't been very active on here for a while, only popping back to delete some spam and such.
I've been mega busy with my little business going from strength to strength :) (off to work on a classic Mustang shortly) and this week I moved to my new apartment  ;D

I went back to give the Renault it's first drive in months, hit a dual carriageway and lost an indicator lens, haha.

Speaking to Markey Mark, it turns out new sets are very cheap. Less than half of what I expected to pay.
I wanted to go back to ambers all round so ordered this set.

A nice fit all round. Only issue I had was the pins in the fronts didn't match up for the plugs so I just used the original ones with the new foamy seals. Oh, and whoever fitted the passenger wing couldn't be bothered to drill the locating holes so I had to do those quickly.

I love the more original look to it now :)
I just need to get back to pick it up one weekend and park it in the underground car park for winter :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Boost off the gauge ...HHEELLPPP!!!
« on: 21:01, Thu 26 September 2013 »
Does the actuator move when you wiggle it or on boost?
Do you have a bleed valve fitted or a split in the line from the manifold to the actuator? If not, it sounds like the actuator has given up.
You can test it with an old valve and pump over the front port.

Newbies / Re: new to the site have 2 r5 gtt
« on: 20:55, Thu 26 September 2013 »
Hi Barry, welcome to the club.

To upload pictures, load them onto photo bucket and copy and paste the IMG code when writing a post.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: turbo vacuum
« on: 20:47, Thu 27 June 2013 »
The engine's vacuum will always stay the same when adjusting boost pressure as it's not part of the turbo system.

You can put a pump onto the actuator and see what pressure it opens the waste gate at. other than that, it's going to be a spin around the block,

Newbies / Re: New Character
« on: 18:48, Thu 27 June 2013 »
Welcome to the site buddy.

Get a build thread going for your restoration :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Need help from phase 2 owner!
« on: 17:09, Tue 11 June 2013 »
From memory that looks right to me.

I done the same thing and converted my Phase 1 to the Phase 2 cooling system. I need to go and try starting it in a little bit so I'll double check  :)

Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 19:10, Mon 10 June 2013 »
Quote from: "sparkysparks"
ive not been to the gym for 2 weeks  :shock:

 :shock:  Fatty!

I didn't know you got it all running Mark! Good stuff dude. You need to take me out in it.
I'm going to be the one left behind on the way to Ace now  :lol:

Also, pop it round and we'll get it nicely detailed now it's finished :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Starter Motor
« on: 10:25, Wed 22 May 2013 »
Have a look at this if you're looking to change it. Even if you're not, it still shows you where it is :)


Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« on: 14:16, Tue 23 April 2013 »
There goes the nice clean look. Haha

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 00:49, Wed 17 April 2013 »
Haha! I used a leather re-dye kit. The sealant keeps the colour in and away from your hands :)
I didn't realise the GTT wheel was 2 tone before  :lol:
I done the steering wheel in my daily too amd it's perfectos now.

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 19:29, Tue 16 April 2013 »
I'm going to try and get down for it James. It'll be good to catch up with everyone.
I've just been signed off for another month so I'll have even less money by then :( one of my phase 1 interiors might have to be sold on :(

But being off of work, I found time to refurb my steering wheel.

The center was all chipped and the leather worn

Gave it a good clean and taped up the center. Sanded, primed, re-sanded and painted satin black

After cleaning the wheel up the leather looked even worse!

So the foamy bits were masked off and the leather re-coloured.

3 layers of colour were applied. Then 2 layers of sealant.

All finished :)

So lots of pictures of a steering wheel  :lol: enjoy :)

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 00:05, Tue 16 April 2013 »
Gave the car a wash today and took him down to Ace Cafe :)

Custom center cap

And I'll be refurbing the steering wheel this week too :) I'm so happy that I have plans and enthusiasm for the car again. Now if only I hadn't had a month off sick, I could afford to do some of those plans  :roll:

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