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Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 16:56, Wed 13 May 2009 »
I use the Mobil 1 15 50 grade as is a chain driven engine so I prefer the slightly thicker viscosity. :D

General Chat /
« on: 10:09, Wed 14 January 2009 »
It was great to see the GT Turbo on TV again as it just looked as great as ever. I believe the Gt Turbo would easily have the Twingo in the dry but also agree with the fact that Renault would not want their new product being shamed by something they made 20 yrs ago. :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Coolant warning light
« on: 10:41, Fri 05 December 2008 »

I noticed today my coolant warning red light on but the coolant temp guage is working fine otherwise and all cooling and coolant level is fine?. Any ideas?.

Where is the sensor located that tells the coolant warning light to come on?. :?

General Chat /
« on: 20:17, Fri 28 November 2008 »
I'm 35 and aim to hit my peak in the next five yrs or so. :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 20:13, Fri 28 November 2008 »
Its electrical. There is a 3 wire plug going to the back of the speedo.

General Chat /
« on: 11:35, Fri 21 November 2008 »
Yeah Bob me sent a windscreen and the 1st one turned up popped so he sent me another one that made it to me in 1 piece. If possible check the windscreen when taking delivery before signing for it as these couriers can be wreckless.

General Chat /
« on: 16:00, Mon 27 October 2008 »
ok. I feel that I am getting around 15 to 20mpg at best since I had my carb jetted. I see my tailpipe is now black and get loads of carbon kicking out the back. I am not running anymore than 14psi if even that. I was hoping to get the car on a rolling road so that someone could set it up properly to give me the best out of it. Otherwise the car pulls, drives and idles fine. Any advise on where I should go with this?.
I myself would not even be able to find or get the jets out. I did see the jets were removed and just opened up a touch by turning small drill bits in there by hand by Colin AKA The Master.

General Chat / Rolling Road
« on: 12:03, Mon 27 October 2008 »

As I am near Windsor and West London area. Do u guys know of a rolling road place that would be reachable for me to get my car tuned on the rolling road on?. I would prefer to go to a place that comes recommended and then at least hopefully be dealing with people that know how to tune a R5. Appreciate any feedback. :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:01, Mon 01 September 2008 »
Yes thats it :D

Ice /
« on: 10:52, Wed 13 August 2008 »

Did u need to make any modifications to get these speakers into your doors or were they same size as standard fitment?.
I also cant remember now if I need to get door cards off to remove the speaker grills or if I can just prize the speaker grills off without removing the door cards?.
My front door speakers are blown and will replace them but would want to do it with standard fitment uprated speakers and not fussed about tweeters as just want 2 or 3 way door speakers.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 10:18, Wed 13 August 2008 »
I would use some sealant (maybe silicon sealant) and it should clip into the seal so line it up and push down and it should clip in place and with the help of sealant it should stay in place and not let water in either.

Your cars /
« on: 14:34, Thu 07 August 2008 »
Great job!!!!.

 I can only say as long as there are enthusiasts that are going to take the time and effort to fully restore these cars then they will never die!!!!. A car as great as the GT Turbo does deserve to live forever!!!!.

The car looks great as have kept its original features as well!!.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Horn
« on: 14:03, Thu 07 August 2008 »

I have my standard air horn on the car but I think it must be knackered as sounds like a faint buzzer when u use it.

What are my options. Do I go CGB route and try and get replacement horn as wiring seems ok. Is it a known issue when these horns don't sound loud enough?. Or is there a similar descent aftermarket horn available to fit?.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 14:26, Mon 04 August 2008 »
Fuel pump relay is the first thing to check as they go.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 20:30, Mon 28 July 2008 »
Yes u can power the window motor directly from the battery. I had similar probs and found the whole prob is the contacts that the wires go onto. I would firstly clean the wire contacts and then ensure they are a good fit on the motor then troubleshoot other things. The wires are also very thin and do fail with time.

I would ensure the motor is good by running it from the battery also.

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