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Your cars / Re: Finally getting on with it
« on: 22:51, Sat 01 October 2016 »
Best of luck with it ;) they can be total money pits. They're becoming rarer all the time so definitely need to be as many restored and still on the road as possible. I want to do the same with mine but have lost motivation over the past several months and done nothing. My problems are mainly door pop solenoids which are only really available in the USA and expensive and remaking a brake line due to leakage preventing me from bleeding the system.
Get some pics of your progress up if possible 🚗

Other Renaults / Re: Exhaust help
« on: 21:48, Mon 23 September 2013 »
Best bet would be to remove them both and compare them side by side. I can't imagine the fitment would be that different if at all.

General Chat / Re: car radio and heater swap around
« on: 11:16, Tue 09 July 2013 »
This is actually pretty difficult this swap around. When the heater controls move down to the original head unit position the cables need to be bent a lot more than when in the original position and given that they've been replaced with longer ones, this makes the dials much harder to turn. I managed to break both plastic dials they're that hard to turn now.
 Not only that but the gap the stereo is being moved too is too narrow for the stereo by about 10mm or so. The electronic clock clips into it's own aperture and would need moving I think as there is plastic in the way and you would need to make own mounting panel.
The problem with the dials could be got around with even longer cables I reckon, if the was room behind the dash. They'd just have a bit less of a bend on them.
The stereo is in a stupid place right down there agreed, and most people are likely to spend far longer fiddling with that than the heater controls. I just thought I'd clarify a few points as this is not the straightforward job it seems!

Newbies / Re: Hello from Holland!
« on: 11:25, Tue 28 May 2013 »
Hi, Well done on the car - looks absolutely mint now and nice thread! I didn't realise you originally posted it 3yrs ago until I read your last post and looked back!lol

Your cars / Re: My 89 GT-T
« on: 20:39, Sat 25 May 2013 »
This is looking good Ash.. well done  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Starter Motor
« on: 13:25, Sat 18 May 2013 »
It's attached to the gearbox. From underneath it's slightly to the left of the bottom most section of your downpipes. I access mine by reaching through with the o/s front wheel off if you've got long arms!

Your cars / Re: Renault 5 GTD
« on: 22:19, Fri 10 May 2013 »
Hi, welcome to the site. Nice looking car. Well done for pushing the boat out with a 5 door, there's not enough of them on here! :wink:

Newbies / Re: Hello from essex
« on: 23:10, Mon 06 May 2013 »
It's gone pretty quiet on here recently tbh. Not really sure why. Maybe more members have moved over to rtoc? Have you got any mods planned then.. engine swap suspension, kit  etc?

Newbies / Re: Hello from essex
« on: 22:26, Mon 06 May 2013 »
Hi, I remember Premier FM used to be based on Canvey, I used to listen to them all the time.. Outlaw, TC, Queen bee etc. Anyway, would be good to see some pics of your car. I remember someone on here had an L reg gt turbo lookalike once done so well it was only the plate that gave it away!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: B18FT fuel pump
« on: 10:34, Thu 02 May 2013 »
the spacer in question... may not technically be called a sandwich plate!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / B18FT fuel pump
« on: 23:44, Wed 01 May 2013 »
Does anyone know if the fuel pump on the b18ft has the same sandwich plate as on the F2N? This plate seems to just be there as a spacer and was the source of my oil leak which I have now sorted where I managed to fit the gasket on the wrong side of the plate.
It looked like it needed 2 gaskets - one either side of the sandwich plate to make a proper seal between the pump and the head and now as a result the plunger is fractionally further from the cam lobe it operates on. My question is what would happen if that spacer was removed altogether? Why is it there at all? There would be more travel on the plunger but what would happen? I'm not planning on doing this before anyone asks, just wondered after looking at it the other day.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: GT Turbo brake fluid capacity
« on: 23:25, Wed 01 May 2013 »
No worries, I'm gonna purchase a litre of DOT4 soon then, should be more than upto the demands of the standard brakes. Then I'll see how the flares hold out on the brakelines I made up last year!

Newbies / Re: Gerry from Holland
« on: 23:20, Wed 01 May 2013 »
Looks like you've done a first class job on this. I am wondering what's going on with the back windows though?! Looks like some sort of venting at the back of them?? :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: GT Turbo brake fluid capacity
« on: 22:30, Tue 30 April 2013 »
after a bit of checking it looks like a litre should be more than enough

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GT Turbo brake fluid capacity
« on: 20:41, Tue 30 April 2013 »
Just wondered if anyone know how much brake fluid the GT turbo system holds in total from empty. I don't wanna buy a full 5 litres if I don't have to. I've got girling calipers the same as standard turbo ones.

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