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Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 15:26, Sun 08 January 2012 »
Quote from: "davidbuttigieg"
Welldone mate! Really like your car..

Was thinking about the wilwood midilites myself, did you fabricate a custom bracket for them calipers ? and which ones did you buy (you know they have different part number) ?

One of the guys over on rtoc helped me with the mounts. Caliper part number on reciept is 120-7472.

Word of warning i spent nearly 1000 getting the set up i put on the car, If i was doing over i porbably would have stuck with standard size discs and used ferrodo pads with them, then used 13" slicks for on track  :D .

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: b18ft water pipes
« on: 08:17, Tue 03 January 2012 »
Think other rads are a better fit tbh, i used a fexi pipe and did a loop the loop, problem is you can not get the oil filter off, i then change for 2 pipes together more like a s shape, still fiddly mind.

if you can go for a different rad  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: b18ft water pipes
« on: 11:18, Sat 31 December 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: b18ft water pipes
« on: 11:17, Sat 31 December 2011 »
from rtoc

Dimensions of water pipes on b18ft head:

Large outlet = 21mm
medium outlet = 14mm
Small outlet = 10mm

Thermostat = 35mm

Metal water pipe inlet (situated under thermostat) = 20mm

Large return to water pump = 32mm

Small return to water pump = 14mm

Renault 5 diesel rad inlet and outlet = 32mm

Turbo water outlets = 15mm

Gtt header tank:
Top = 10mm
Both bottom outlets = 24mm

Heater Matrix = 18mm

Turbo inlet and outlet = 51mm
Air Flow Meter = 70mm
Volvo breather = 14mm
Volvo throttle = 63mm

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: AFR advice
« on: 09:14, Thu 22 December 2011 »
Mine is in the down pipe about half way down, im sure in the instructions it say to mount 10" away or something.


Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:20, Wed 21 December 2011 »

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:17, Wed 21 December 2011 »
Some pictures of how it looks now :)

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:11, Wed 21 December 2011 »
Car now has a derestricted ecu, thanks to chris at efi parts again.

Car is currently running about 16psi on the standard t2, it pulls well and stops well.

Think im going to get a few jobs done and make a few changes for next year.

Then maybe next winter start a big turbo conversion gt28, custom manifold etc and maybe go stand alone.

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:07, Wed 21 December 2011 »
Gauges were next, bought a set up from chris at efi parts, great lad :)

AFR guage, adjustable boost, water temp and oil press.

Fitted :)

I then had my first trackday, loved it. We were meant to go to rtoc nd but i had gearbox problems, but we did make rsoc day at croft. Car was great, had a few teething problems, jobs im going to do this winter, but overall great day even though the car was running about 150bhp and only 10psi.

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 09:01, Wed 21 December 2011 »
I bought and made some front ducts to replace the fogs, no elecrics where left on this car i did not need :)

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 08:56, Wed 21 December 2011 »

Fitted a stud conversion while i was on to get a bit of clearance for my momo arrows.

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 08:53, Wed 21 December 2011 »

I ran around on the standard brakes for a while but my fist track day was approaching so bought a full set up.

Replace rear discs and bearings and ferodo ds2500s

Fronts had a extender made through a fellow rtoc guy, bigger discs 285s, long story but txi discs do not fit 4 pots, so ended up with lancer discs and had the machined to fit, i bought willwood midilites and some ferodo ds2500s which i had to grind a bit to fit :)

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 08:47, Wed 21 December 2011 »
thought i should put some more pictures up.

Car got a wax oil treatment all the underside was done and the doors inner wings sill were all injected with clear wax oil.

Your cars / Re: My J plate white restoration B18FT
« on: 19:27, Tue 20 December 2011 »
Quote from: "big@l"
Nice re-build buddy,

where did you get your brake lines from?


All brake lines were replaced with copper, so where the fuel lines. I was using goodridge hoses front and back but when i changed to 4 pots i had to make my front lines up from braided pipe and fittings all bought from rally design :)

Newbies / Re: New from the North east
« on: 08:54, Tue 20 December 2011 »
Im in newcastle, i have a b18ft volvo powered 5 gt turbo. I used to run jap stuff pulsar, 2 evos loved them, away from them now, but gts stay in the blood.

Im sure i saw pictures of your supra on a lad i knows phone, he is also an ex re 5 lad to called Johnny, he has a black supra as his daily, works at nestle, you may know him.

You have your work cut out but its so rewarding.

Im happy to show you my conversion and have a chat, the car is tucked up for winter now but give me a pm if you want a look.

I have pictures in my restoration thread to.

Get paid up on RTOC to  :D

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