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General Chat / Re: r5 gtt blue?
« on: 17:27, Thu 20 October 2011 »
I have heard once or twice over the years (from the good old gtt rumour mill), that there were 600 gtt's sprayed in Electric Blue.  The UK got a few Electric Blue 5's, whereas France (and possibly some other countries), got a few Yellow 5's.

I love the colour, and if I were to buy another road gtt, I'd love a completely standard Phase 2 in Electric Blue  8)

General Chat / Re: GT Turbo Production Timespan.
« on: 21:40, Sun 16 October 2011 »
5 k-plates.  3 white, 2 grey - If you believe the rumours.

I saw a white k-plate go to Ireland, where it was transferred to Irish plates, so that's one gone.  I nearly bought a white one on a k a fair few years back with a mate, because it was up for pennies.  We had too many gtt's between us at the time, so we didn't bother  :lol: .  I've never seen a grey one though.

As has been said, any j's (of which there are plenty) and k's, are just cars that were built and sat around for ages, before being registered/sold.

General Chat / Re: Do you post on this forum??
« on: 19:27, Fri 12 August 2011 »
It's the bike  :lol:

I know about 937 people that have owned that car over the years.  The original rear screen from it is in my 5!

I think the last time I saw it was when I fitted the roll cage, and that was a fair few years ago now.

General Chat / Re: Front end protection
« on: 20:15, Sat 09 April 2011 »
I've not got one on my 5 (It doesn't move, so I don't need one  :lol: ), but I've got a full-front one for my Evo, and it's a handy bit of kit  8)

General Chat / Re: Why do people ruin them ?
« on: 19:13, Sat 09 April 2011 »
I remember when that 'conversion' was done, a fair few years ago.  The car was in a very bad way, and the original soft-top was ruined way beyond repair.  As new R5 soft-tops aren't exactly common, the guy (I can't remember his name), decided to do something to keep it on the road, instead of scrapping it.

It's not to my taste either, but it's a very rare car that could have/maybe should have been scrapped.  Plus, the guy who did it was a bit of a loony  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 22:58, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Yep Lee, that's Reims Bue.  It's quite a funky colour, and can look totally different, in different light.

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 22:56, Tue 07 December 2010 »
I like Reims Blue.  It's a bit different, and suits the car imo.  I  did want a Reims one, so that I didn't copy my mate's Icelle Blue one (even though I prefer Icelle).  Mine came up for sale when it did though, so I copied  :lol:

The Canal Blue is a bit of an odd colour though.  It looks quite nice when you see it on it's own, but when my mate parks his next to mine, it goes downhill fast!  :?

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 22:41, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Yep - The first one is an Icelle Blue Evo 6 GSR.  The second one is a Canal Blue Evo 6 TME.

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 22:13, Tue 07 December 2010 »

What's a carb?  Isn't that a fish?   :?


Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 22:05, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Quote from: "Boostjunkies"
that's cool bud, I know very little about the GTT so I'll ask you lol when I get stuck which will probably be very soon, Probably when the bugger won't start the first time I drive it  :D

You can try, but I haven't touched my gtt for over 2 years now, so I've probably forgotten most of what I know/knew  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 21:53, Tue 07 December 2010 »
I've been having a bit of a hunt around, as this has intrigued me a bit  8)

I can't find anything saying about SAYC on the TME.  Don't the cars need the active centre diff' to run SYAC, to shift the torque front to rear?  The MLR model comparison states that they both have AYC.  Apparently though, the pressure switch in the AYC pump is different between the GSR and the TME.  The TME's also have the LSD front diff', as found in the RS, and some of the GSR's (due to Mitsi' running out of open front diff's).

Re the suspension, I've read more than once now that they reverted back to the Evo 5 setup.  And I've just read that the TME uses the Evo 5 front arms, with the ball joints pressed into them, instead of the 6 GSR's bolted on items.  They do have a 3 point front strut brace as standard, which was an option on the GSR.

The following was posted on the MLR, by Co-Ordsport, who were linked with Ralliart UK:

'Front struts, front springs, rear shocks, rear springs, front lower arms, AYC pump on the GSR, Crown wheel ID is bigger in the transfer box, one of the bearings is also different in the transfer, I'll post more when I can remember. And seats, front bumper, dash clocks, turbo, exhaust, the obvious stuff.

The chassis no. should also start CP9A 020'

Don't worry, I'm not trying to argue at all - I'm trying to learn.  I don't know Evo's as well as I know gtt's (18 months experience of Evo's VS 11 years of gtt's, means a long way to go)  I want to get some info/books, and get reading  8)

Shame you crunched yours.  It's never good to hear  :(

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 21:19, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Yes please - Could you show me the full spec's, and the source.  It'll be interesting to see - As this is all new to me  8)

My mate's TME hasn't got SAYC, and the plugs/coilpacks/leads are all the same as my GSR.

Your cars / Re: Back in a 5.......
« on: 21:00, Tue 07 December 2010 »
How this hasn't sold, I'll never know  :?

Go shopping Steve!

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 20:58, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Quote from: "Boostjunkies"
it's a 6.5  even listed by Mitsubishi as a 6.5, different turbo, suspension, bodykit, ayc loads of stuff ;)

Balls.  The badge on the back says it's a VI, so it's a VI   :wink:  :lol:

It's only a different front bumper, the bodykit is the same.  They also have AYC, unless it's an RS TME.

They have the following differences to a GSR:

Different seats and dash clocks
Different front bumper
Slightly lower suspension (I have heard it's Evo 5 suspension - maybe that's where the .5 bit comes from  :lol:  )
Different wheels
RS steering rack (quicker than the GSR one)
Titanium turbo shaft


Surely that's not enough to warrant another 5k! (for a red one).

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 19:28, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Bloody Evo 6.5  :lol:.  That cracks me up as much as the good old Phase 1.5 gtt's - They don't exist!  A TME is an Evo 6.  Yes, it has a few bits that are different from a GSR, but so's an RS, a RSX, RS Sprint etc etc

Lee, mine's standard engine wise, and as I said, I get about 170 miles to 50, however I drive.  I've always been heavy on fuel though - Some people get a bit more, some less.  Every car seems different.

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