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General Chat / changing password?
« on: 22:56, Fri 26 August 2011 »
I've just reset my password as i forgot it,but i would like to change it to something i can remember and not the gobbledygook that the computer sends you lol do i change it?

Events/Shows/Cruises / South west RR day @ performance 3000
« on: 22:33, Thu 11 June 2009 »
Right, i've just been on the phone to performance 3000 to book us another RR day.

We have a choice of 2 dates, either saturday 11th july or saturday 18th july.

we need a minimum of 8 cars.

price is 30 per car,could possibly get this a bit cheaper if we get a good turnout.

so can you put your names in a list if your a definite to put your car on.

also can you say which date you would prefer as i need to confirm this with them by the 19th of this month.


General Chat / quick photoshop! please!
« on: 17:42, Tue 12 May 2009 »
can someone make this car white please?? leave the wheels as they are if it's no extra trouble.
really need this doing tonight.


General Chat / Trouble getting on rtoc
« on: 17:58, Thu 23 October 2008 »
Anyone else having trouble?

i got in to the site earlier,had a pop up to tell me i had 4 messages,it then would'nt load any windows for me,now i cant even get to the first page!

im not complaining btw i know the site is new,im just asking if others are having trouble.

General Chat / Photoshop
« on: 11:07, Sat 06 September 2008 »
Could someone please photoshop the wheels from this red car on to my 5?

Events/Shows/Cruises / *****CANCELED*****
« on: 18:17, Wed 16 July 2008 »
The event is on the 2nd of august and starts around 10am at performance 3000 in yeovil (somerset)prices will be 20 per run if only a few turn up or 15 if we get a good turn out.

if you are interested in coming please list your names below

I've copy & pasted this from rtoc.

Member's attending so far are-


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Header tank/water pump measurements
« on: 21:55, Mon 14 July 2008 »
Does anyone know the diameter of the bottom header tank outlet's?
& also the waterpump outlet that one of the header tank pipe's go to?


General Chat / Any photoshopper's on here?
« on: 22:07, Wed 25 June 2008 »
As above

if you're any good at photoshop & dont mind doing a couple for me,please pm me!

i'l paypal you a few quid for your time!


Renault 5 GT Turbo / alt belt
« on: 22:26, Sat 29 September 2007 »
what's the size of the gtt alt belt? is it 1180?

what size is the smaller one that can be used? & is that off a campus?


General Chat / rtoc
« on: 22:09, Sun 16 September 2007 »
that bloody site has benn down all day!!

anybody know what is wrong?

General Chat / Any 21 turbo owners on here?
« on: 19:08, Sun 16 September 2007 »
as above

Newbies / Howdy
« on: 19:33, Wed 20 June 2007 »
though i'd say hello  :D

i joined a couple days ago & would like to start by saying,thanks to lee for such a great site!!

anyway,i have a black gt turbo,hopefully it'l be mot & taxed in the next couple of weeks,just in time for fcs/Nat day  :D

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