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General Chat / 5's for Sale
« on: 17:20, Thu 04 July 2013 »
I've been on having a look at what's for sale and noticed just how little 5's are coming up for sale and the silly asking prices for them  :-\
Does anyone know if they are getting these prices?
I wouldn't have thought you would have to pay any more than 3k for a real minter but they are advertised @4-5k+

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb Jetting Query
« on: 12:40, Mon 18 October 2010 »

I have been tweaking at my cars fueling a bit lately.
My carb is set up as follows
120 main
0.9 a/c
1mm first stage
1.4 second stage.
Boost is 22 psi.

I think I am on the limit for the carb without changing the main jet. But I still want more boost. (yes I am greedy lol)
I am getting around 12.2 afr @ WOT right through the revs.
I dont really want to mess with the off boost fueling as its damn near perfect so was wondering has anyone had any luck with reducing the a/c jet further than 0.9 rather than starting to increase the main jet? Also has anyone ever tried increasing the second stage past 1.4mm although I know this is not recommended?
If increasing the main is the only solution then I will leave the car as it is as its really nice to drive.
Cheers guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Retarding the Ignition
« on: 16:54, Tue 03 August 2010 »
Hi guys
Just a quick query
I was wondering at what boost pressure I would need to start thinking about retarding the ignition from standard.
I am currently running 20 psi manifold on a low compression engine and T25 turbo. Charge temps should be well sorted and I always run 98 ron fuel.
Am thinking of increasing the boost to around 25psi but just checking is there any other issues I should think about?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wheel Spacers
« on: 22:48, Wed 05 May 2010 »
Hi folks
Was wondering what is the maximum thickness of wheel spacer that can be used on the front hubs of the 5.
I am having trouble fitting my large brake conversion. My calipers are clashing with the spokes of my clio wheels. I think a 10mm spacer would sort it for me but just checking if anyone has tried spacers as thick as that and if they worked ok?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

General Chat / Anyone fancy a Gordini??
« on: 00:00, Fri 05 March 2010 »
Was browsing a few irish sites and found these..
The black one looks pretty good..

Wish I had that sort of money to buy up stuff like this just to keep them alive..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / One Way Valves
« on: 17:17, Thu 12 November 2009 »
Has anyone used a non standard one way valve for the brake servo vacuum on their car?
Was thinking of trying one to see if it improves my brakes as the pedal gets quite hard sometimes.
Just wondering if anyone found a suitable one?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / IC Opinion
« on: 13:43, Wed 26 November 2008 »
Hey folks

I was thinking of removing the charge cooler set-up that I have on my car to an intercooler. I was thinking of the grille mounted version that k-tec supply.

Has anyone tried this set-up? I have an aluminum Rad as well and I am worried that there wont be enough space.

Does anyone else supply grille mount intercoolers?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Best Coolant for Aluminium Radiators
« on: 22:31, Mon 17 November 2008 »
Hey guys

I have an aluminium radiator in my car and I am worried that the anti-freeze I have used will start to corrode it.  I have read on the net that people have used certain coolants to prevent this. Whats the best coolant to be using with one of these radiators?  
I have never paid it much thought until now due to the fact that the cylinder heads on these cars are aluminium alloy and they never seem to give any trouble  :?

Assumption is the mother of all F%$kups  :oops:

General Chat / Carpet Cleaning
« on: 12:29, Sun 03 August 2008 »
Hey guys

I was cleaning my car yesterday and noticed how grubby the boot carpet has become. Its covered in oil stains etc etc (no blood stains tho lol) and is starting to annoy me a bit.  Anyone had much luck cleaning one up before? If yes what did you use??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wheel size for coilovers
« on: 13:48, Fri 11 July 2008 »
Hey folks

A quick query really..

I am considering buying some coilovers for my car and I am wondering has anyone tried coilovers with the standard 13" wheels? Just wondering would there be any noticable gains.  Most people put bigger wheels on as well but I like the std's

General Chat / Pillar mounts gauge pods
« on: 15:42, Fri 28 September 2007 »
Just a quick question  :?:

Has anyone used these pillar mounted gauge pods in there car?  I am looking for one at the minute.  
I bought a universal one off ebay but its not really a great fit. In fact its usless.  Anyone know were you could buy a custom one?  Or a good fit universal one?  Have seen other pods but I fancy a pillar mount one If i can get one.

any help would be great  :wink:


Your cars / H150 GTT Cars
« on: 04:25, Sun 23 September 2007 »
Hey folks

Just adding a few pics of my cars and how I came to have them.

I have owned 3 renault 5 GTT's. Love the cars..  Spend most of my free time maintaining them and trying to improve them.  My first R5 was a 1986 PH1 model which I bought in 1998.  When I got it it was a wreck.  I just worked at it as a hobby.  Got it into reasonable shape before I decided to sell it to make way for a P1 Impreza.  Regret ever selling it to be honest as I spent so much time and effort on it.  It was pearlescent white with white plastic bumpers and I got it all resprayed in glacier white. A guy drove all the way from waterford in the south of ireland to buy it.  I never heard another thing about the car.  The pic is on the day it was sold.

I then purchased a grey ph2 model. It is the car I now concentrate all my time on.  I have had it since 2002 and it is in very good shape.  I mainly concentrate on the engine as I am not really into bodykits and big wheels etc.  I am currently running an engine in for this car and hope to get it set up properly and then maybe take it to the rolling road to see what its got.

Car when I bought it

Car now

On the rolling road

Engine bay

Engine Bay

Tungy Spec List (Up dated 02/07/10)
Wossner Forged Low Compression Pistons
BBT GT Spec Cam
Vernier Pulley
Up rated Valve Springs
Up rated gaskets
High tensile head bolts
Lightened and balanced flywheel

BBT T25 Turbo
T3 Actuator Kit
GT tuning in car adjustable boost + spider valve

High pressure fuel pump
Ktec Grp A Carb (Now Removed, changed to std venturi carb with modified second stage)

Pace Products Charge Cooler Kit (Removed and now running a FMIC)
Hard Boost Pipe Kit
Grp A Dump Valve (Now Removed, turbo surge sounds better)
Full silicone hose set
Green induction kit

Magnicore Competition leads
NGK Racing Plugs
TDC Wires Switched (Now switched back to std)

Pace Products Extra Large Alloy Radiator
Low temp Thermostat
Low temp pressure switch
16 Pacet Electric Fan + manual override switch (Pacet fan removed and Std Fan re-fitted)
GT Tuning chrome top water hose insert
Mocal Oil Cooler

Uprated Clutch
Soft Clutch Pedal conversion

BBT 2-1/4 stainless steel turbo elbow (Replaced with Boris T25 Downpipe)
BBT 2-1/4 stainless steel ehaust (Replaced with 2 1/2" side exit)

Brembo groved front discs (Removed and 285mm brake conversion kit fitted)
Ferrodo racing Pads
15" Clio Valver Cloverleaf aloys
Kumho Rubber

alloy degassing chamber
alloy header tank
alloy oil separator
alloy carb plenium
Kevlar turbo heat shield

Lowered 50mm front 70mm rear (Removed)
Koni Sports Suspension Kit Fitted. Lowered 35mm
Ktec Strut Brace
Boost guage
Inovative LC-1 Wide Band kit
Rev Limiter/Full throttle gear shift

Clear front indicators + fogs
Prima Racing Monte Carlo Grille for extra air flow
Bumper cut for extra air flow.

In 2005 I also bought a mates R5 as It was to good a one to let slip away.  It was a pearlesect white Ph2 model.  He was only the second owner.  Due to knowing the treatment the car got and how particular the guy was I cudnt let it pass me..  The car is very close to original.  It has a full service history.  Since he has purchased the car in 1997 from a mature owner he has maintained it religiously with mobil 1 oil an has every service logged.  I have very rarely driven this car at all and have only added about 500 miles to it since i have bought it. I want to spend some time on it and return it to its totally standard state as it is to good a car to be molested.  

Anyway thats my story  
Hope you all get as much enjoyment out of your cars as I get out of mine.   :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fueling
« on: 13:38, Fri 14 September 2007 »
Hi folks

I have been doing some tuning on my R5GTT and have fitted a Cam and KTEC Grp A carb.  When driving the car now it has a hesatation at low revs.  If you open the throttle quickly from idle the engine hesitates as well.  Was wondering is there anyway of smoothing this out. The last time I had the car on the rolling road I had to enlarge the main jet from KTEC's setup which would not be helping things much as it feels like the engine is flooding itself at low revs..  If i was to change any of the other jets in the carb would this help?  I know i probably wont be able to eliminate it altogether but if I could make it less severe it would help a lot.

The car is running 20 psi with a T25 turbo.

Any advice or help would be great.

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