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General Chat / Red Hot Restoration
« on: 11:41, Tue 10 May 2011 »
hi guys and gals.

ive been restoring VW's for the last 3 years for a company that recently made me redundant :(
so rather than go and work for another idiot i thought id try and work for myself  :D
so thats why im here today to offer you guys my services. i am experiance and qualified in car body repair  :D

these prices will just be an estimate as every car is different and everybodys wishes are different.  Please bare in mind that i may not be able to get panels for R5s anymore depending on what it is.

basic hourly rate for club members 25 an hour = 200 for an 8 hour day.

150 per panel plus the panel so if you wanted a rear arch done this is what it would cost to get the arch welded on, shaped up and the rear quater painted, if your inner arch needs repairing aswell then this will cost extra.

if you are interested in having your complete car done, i.e both sills and rear arches welded on, shaped up and the outside of the car painted this will be 2500 for metalic paint and 2000 for non metalic paint, both prices plus paint. if you are interested in having a special paint effect such as metal flake, flip paint or pearlesent paint then this will be more as will inner arch repairs, engine bay painting etc.

we can also offer a complete restoration service, please contact if seriously interested for prices.

also price can change depending on if interior is still in the car and if it is required to come out. if you want anything sand blasted or for a bare metal paint job.

best to contact with details and pictures if your not close enough to pop by.

if there is anything you think i have missed off or any questions you would like to ask me please feel free, id be more than happy to try and help you  :D

thanks peeps

laura   :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / will clio shocks fit the r5?
« on: 19:15, Thu 19 February 2009 »

does any1 know if the clio shocks will fit the r5 please? mine are shot to bits n its starting to get dangerous  :shock:

or can any1 suggest the cheapest place to get some shocks from.

ta laura   :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wheel offset
« on: 15:47, Wed 17 October 2007 »
hi guys & gals

hope everyone is ok!!

ive got plans for one of my rennys, ive got a big wide body kit to put on it very simlar to the dimma kit, ive got to get some new wheels and im not sure what offset would be best.  i was going to buy some big wide wheels mayb like 8-9 wide but then remembered il probley have the problem that they will scrape on the inside of the arch at the back of the wheel as well as probley the top of the arch, i then started thing about offset and that if i get a smaller offset the wheels will sit to the edge of the body kit and hopefully not scrape on the back but ive got no idea on how to measure what offset i will need without having a wheel there to measure, are you with me lol?

im hoping to get some rims with a dish/lip on them which i believe will affect the offset too??

can anyone help me out please? im stuck  :shock:

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

General Chat / trax silverstone 2nd sept - this sunday
« on: 10:39, Tue 28 August 2007 »
hey peeps

any body heading down to trax this weekend??

i should be there, not sure if the renny is coming or not, depends if the civic has a new head gasket by then or not.

 :D  :D  :D

Ice / any body got jl audio??
« on: 11:45, Wed 22 August 2007 »
hey peeps

does anyone have jl subs in there car, the top notch ones, cant remeber the model number but they are about 400 plus, ive been wanting to buy some for ages and ages, i heard them in one of my mates cars before they got stolen and ive never heard such loudness and clearness at one time, just wondering if anyone has got any and would say they are def worth the money you pay for them??

 :D  :D  :D

Your cars / the life of my renny 5
« on: 19:12, Sat 18 August 2007 »
hi guys

this was going to be the life story of my renny, i spent all afternoon almost writing you guys up a nice story of my renny 5 with all mots and failures and advisorys and loads of pics of it all, mot work, some engine rebuild, new turbo, my other grey renny 5 and a whole load more but the computer messed up while i was doing and just as i put the last pic in the bloody thing shut off so i lost it all, guess that teach me for not submiting every now and again. never mind

im just going to put all me pics in and mayb write a little under one or two, then if anyone has any questions or anything about any of them il be happy to answer.

right here it goes:

theses 1st 3 are from when i got it home the day i brought it  :D

this is a spare window i had i tinted and i just stuck it in to see what it looked like and took it out again lol

test fit of m3 mirrors before filler, i didnt buy ones they are for a renny so i had to do a bit of bodgin  :D

looking shiney  :shock:

roof had to be painted when we put a new windscreen panel in.

had a nasty little hole just there and everytime it rained i used to get a swimming pool in the car  :evil:

this was home for a few months   :(

rebuilt engine on the floor in bedroom

rebuild in bedroom lol, pics aint too great my phone camera werent even a megapixal lol

sneaky test fit of some rear light covers

this was were the new windscreen panel joint which you might see in other pics

this is the windscreen panel on and painted  :D

this hole nearly grew to the size of the wheel arch when we took that carpet stuff off and grinded down lol


new windscreen  :D

new tubbie  :D

ooooh new bits lol

tried a mk1 golf dash while we had the renny one out

nice clean front wheel arches now

this is how is stands at the min

insides out  :shock:


engine with the air box still there  :(


bits everywhere

well crusty

this is the dyno video at college not sure if it will work or not, hopefully


« on: 14:32, Mon 16 July 2007 »
hi peeps

dont know if you all know but its ultimate street car at santa pod 3rd, 4th and 5th of aug and il be going for my 4th year. hoping to see all you fellow 5's down there, unfotunatly i wont be taking mine as still out of mot at the mo :(   but nearly ready for a retest  :D

will be down there in a civic crx turbo which if your there and watching the track im sure ul hear lol   (very loud exhaust and screamer pipe), will be my b/f driving tho  :roll:

the civic wil be beating the cozzie this year so keep ya eyes open  :shock:

who else is planning to go?? many of you??

if not you should plan to its a great laugh and soooooo many phat cars to droole over lol

if i spot your car out il have to come speak to ya, so if you get this nutty strawbury blonde bird come and pest ya that will be me    lmao

just hope it dont rain  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / speedo clock
« on: 15:09, Wed 30 May 2007 »
hi    :D

can anyone please tell me what revs their renny is doing at 30mph and again at 70mph?

my speedo hasnt been working to great for quite a while, but the other day when i took the dash to bits and got the clocks out and actually took the speedo right out, i found a little screw looking like thing just on the side of the speedo, ive turned it round about half a turn and the speedo is reading better than it was, but since i got so used to driving with one that dont work right, i have no idea what 30mph or 70mph feels like lol, so not sure if its reading right or not. been trying to get someone to come out for a hack so i could follow them to find out if its correct or not but no one has been about.

be really greatfull of a little point in the right direction.


laura       :D

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