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Renault 5 GT Turbo / GTT bottom end with Alpina turbo head
« on: 13:40, Fri 06 July 2007 »
How difficult is to combine GTT bottom end with Renault 5 Alpina turbo head? I've seen couple of this engines on the internet, so it could be done.. ..but how difficult is it?

Here is one:  CLICK

Your cars / Renault 5 Energy
« on: 12:51, Wed 30 May 2007 »
Its not a GTT, but still (I hope) an interesting R5. It is 1993 red Renault 5 Campus.

swaped 1.4 8V Energy lump (E6J, 80HP)
mild DIY head word
JB1 046 gearbox from Renault Express (4,2 FD)

complete front suspension from R5 GTT with shortned standard spings :roll:
H&R lowering springs (-40mm) - jet to be installed

GTT calipers
Lucas discs
Trusting/Fritech (race) pads

original 13" steelies with 165/60-13 Falken ZE-502 tyres
6Jx14 OZ F1 CUP - must send them for sand blasting and powder coating (in black)
195/45-14 Toyo T1S tyres

R19 1.8 16V seats
GTT stearing wheel + 5cm spacer

stock beside some holes in front bumper :lol:

I'm waintg for some orderd parts to come: oil and water temp. gauges (2") + tachometer, used racing seats and some other small stuff.

extensive head work
bigger carb (probably 32/34 or 32/36 Weber/Solex)
GTT grill

Here are some pictures:

Seats - from left to right - Campus, GTT, R19 16V:

Brakes - on the letf are standard ones, on the right sre from GTT:

Engine swap:

Head porting:


After (almost completed):

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