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Your cars / My cars and my story
« on: 21:26, Mon 02 February 2009 »
OK, so I joined this club absolutely yonks ago under the username Maximum_Power. I think I was 16 at the time.. I then discovered RTOC and didn't come on here at all really (until recently)  :oops:

It's not all bad news though.. My love for 5's since I was 16 has done nothing other than grow! I'm now 19 and I've had 9 Renault 5's and 1 200sx.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I'll share some with you..

Here is my first car: A campus GTT lookalike (let me know if it is now owned by anyone on here, I'd love to see how it's doing):

I bought this whilst I had my campus with the intention to restore it back to original condition (it wasn't a real cup car, just a lookalike), but gave up and sold it:

I then sold the campus after a year of motoring, when I had a years NCB, and bought this GTT:

I then sold that after about 4 months (stupid mistake), and bought the 200sx:

I then sold that after about 3 months, because it was boring compared to 5's and then I bought this:

I obviously (having had 9 in total) bought and sold a few in between, but they were my main cars.

Having learnt that 5's are the only way forward, I decided to settle for the red 5, and started sinking some money into it:

However the paint let it down, so I booked it in with a bodyshop (a guy off RTOC). When I'd saved enough money, the date was set, and my Dad and me set to ripping it to pieces. Didn't take too long, as we've had to disassemble / reassemble a few of my 5's in the past :P

So, on the back of a towing dolly it went all the way up to Carlisle...

General Chat / Username change
« on: 22:41, Sun 11 January 2009 »
So, I've not used this account in ages, and want to change my username. I see in options the ability to change username has changed.. Can a mod or someone please do this pretty please? Or would I be better to start a whole new profile?

General Chat / Yo
« on: 19:14, Thu 15 June 2006 »
Been aaaaaaages since I have been on here :) How is everyone? I have been on RTOC alot! I have a 5 now... Piccies at http://smithymaximumpower175.spaces.msn ... 02_owner=1 It is a 1.4 Campus GTT lookalike :) Not driving yet, Got my test on the 4th  8)

General Chat / Pictuuuuuuuuuuuuure
« on: 23:39, Mon 14 November 2005 »
Does anyone have a picture of a head unit conversion thing where you move the head unit to where the heating controls and things are? If you get me and anyone can point me in the right direction it ould help... Just I remember seeing one ages ago, and I'm thinking of doing it in order to fit a flip out montitor/head unit... Help  :?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Clutch
« on: 17:48, Sat 12 November 2005 »
Think I've asked this before but to cut it short... Will a gtt clutch / aftermarket gtt clutch fit on a Campus?

General Chat / Short Shifter
« on: 10:37, Sun 25 September 2005 »
Will A GTT short shifter fit on A Campus? And how about a GTT Clutch?

Thanks :P

General Chat / My First Car
« on: 23:23, Tue 13 September 2005 »
So... I should be getting my first 5 in a couple of months, so I was wondering what you think i should do to it to smarten it up. So far I'm thinking GTT bodykit with an evo front bumper, and GTT interior on 15" KEI velocity's! I know this is a random topic but please give suggestions and what you think i should do / change


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Camshaft
« on: 21:34, Mon 15 August 2005 »
Are Campus camshatfs and GTT camshafts the same and will an uprated GTT camshaft help a campus for power?

Thanks  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Tacho
« on: 19:57, Mon 15 August 2005 »
How would you go about fitting a Tacho to a campus, and what would you have to do? Because you would need sensors and such so it knows what revs your at right?

Thanks  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Side Exit 'Zaust
« on: 01:13, Mon 15 August 2005 »
You know how you can fit a KTR side exit exhaust to a Campus? (so I've been told) Would you lose too much packpressure and lose power?

Thanks  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Acceleration
« on: 23:44, Wed 10 August 2005 »
Right... I was recently told that putting 17's on a GTT drastically raises the 0-60 time of a standard GTT... Roughly double that of when on original 13's. Is this true, and if not does anyone have a rough idea of how much it does actually slow them down?

Thanks  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Offset and Bolt Pattern
« on: 19:47, Mon 08 August 2005 »
Could some one please tell me the offset and bolt pattern on 5's?

Thanks  :lol:

General Chat / Erm...
« on: 18:42, Sun 10 July 2005 »
Eeer... whats with the silence? Has everyones computer broke or something? Why's no one said anything in ages, I'm getting lonely  :cry:

General Chat / Anyone who had a Gtt as a second car...
« on: 17:57, Wed 06 July 2005 »
Hi. Just wondering... Could anyone who had a gtt as a second car with 1yrs NCB tell me what the insurance was roughly like. Sorry for all my irritating questions  :oops:.


General Chat / Renault Clio 1.4 16v Dynamique
« on: 12:16, Fri 17 June 2005 »
Yeh... Don't worry all, I still want the good ol' R5 Gtx, But does anyone know what the insurance group on the 1.4 16v clio is?? Can't find it on the net  :(  :?


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