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General Chat / Well, well...a year one and I want another one!
« on: 03:14, Wed 31 December 2008 »
Hi chaps,

I had a very mint Renault 5 GT Turbo (Phase II) in black with an electric sunroof and in stanadrd form (VRN: G377 NFD) with very low miles and in fantastic condition.

I had it for 6 months where I wasn't using a car very much and I loved it, I really bloody loved it. However, despite its condition, it wasn't the most reliable and I was plaged with problems and within 6 months I think I spent almost 3000 on the car...  :shock:

I sold the car, for more than I payed for it thankfully and went back to a solid brand I could rely on as I was moving abroad.

So a year on and althoug I'm very fond of my mint late-spec Volkswagen Corrado VR6, which is a more grown up car (I'm married and in my late-20's afterall) and is ultimately quicker than my ol'Renault, which the wife hated, but...I really, really miss my old R5!  :oops:

I knew nothing about the car mechanically, probably why it cost me so much cash taking it to people that did, but I just knew that when it was working properly I was in heaven.

What do I do?! I can't be bothered with paying to join RTOC just to check their classified ads, but then again the usual bollocks on AutoTrader/eBay/pistonheads don't really cut the mustard - I need a standard example with low miles.

Do I spend up to 3000 buying another one, or do I just try to forget about it?

Help me lads!


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help :-( Problems with the electric windows
« on: 19:25, Wed 21 February 2007 »
For whatever reason the passenger side electric window is stuck fully-down!

Anyone got any ideas how I can fix it? Thankfully its in the garage, I was going to have a stab at taking the door card off and seeing if I can push it back up.

Your cars / My GT Turbo
« on: 18:38, Tue 20 February 2007 »
Well after searching high and low I found standard condition with 56,000miles.

I've had it 24hrs+ now and I'm mostly impressed. Its a lot of fun to drive and it seems that you don't normally get ones in this condition. Its not 100% perfect, but it aint far off!

Thus far have put in a modest stereo system and TOAD are fitting the alarm Friday.

Am going to keep the car in pretty much standard form.

What does everyone think? I still know pretty much nothing about these cars, other than they are a lot of fun!  :P

General Chat / Finally bought an R5!!
« on: 16:44, Sun 18 February 2007 »

Got a mint black 1989 model, with 56,000miles! I test drove it today and was I pick it up tomorrow morning.

Just need to add an alarm/immboliser and ICE.

Talking of which, I want to upgrade the front speakers, does anyone know what size I need to buy?!



General Chat / I want a R5 GT! :-)
« on: 17:35, Thu 04 January 2007 »
Hi chaps,

Basically I've always wanted one of these cars, I hear the performance is awesome, plus they really handle well.

In about a months time I go on leave and this is a perfect time for me to spunk some well earned cash on a new toy. I'll have about 3k to play with if the right car comes along.

Thing is I've always had german cars, and...well not to cause offence lads but not a great deal ever goes wrong with them. Even the older german cars I've had I've always made sure I've bought a minter with low mileage and one thats not been ragged by some brainless idiot...and the thing that worry's me is buying an old French car that I don't know much about.

I hear they can have all sorts of problems, especially with keeping them cool.

I suppose my question is: can I have hassle-free motoring with a R5 GT if I buy the right car?

Newbies / Hello there!
« on: 17:27, Thu 04 January 2007 »
Hi chaps,

Thought I'd sign up as the R5 GT is one of the cars I intend to buy in a months time when I'm next on leave...

Am after a PhaseII very good condition turbo model, with standardish engine/bodywork or at least a car that doesn't or hasn't run crazy boost.

Unfortunately I know next to nothing about these cars, I just know I've always wanted one, so apologies if I ask the typical newbie questions.  :wink:

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