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Your cars / Romanian GTT
« on: 14:13, Sun 31 December 2006 »
My engine :
Low compresion pistons
R11 camshaft
T25 SAAB turbocompresor
Megane 2 dCi front-mounted intercooler
External Oil Cooler

G-Tech measurements @ 860kg(me included) and 1.2 bar:

Movie Archive:
Important Victim's
Play'n around

P.S. to bad i can't add pictures directly in this forum...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Will Not Start.Help,no more ideea's
« on: 09:48, Fri 29 December 2006 »
I was runing 1.2bar with a T25 on low compresion pistons as the car sudently stops as the main lead was puled of the rotor cap...or as the flywheel sensor will disconected.
So i stopped and checked everything...
I have spark on all sparkplungs,gass is flowing as normal...but wont start...
Get the car in the garage,checked distibution,checked compresion,tryed another carb,another ECU,another set of sparkplugs,i even put a whole mechanical ignition from a Renault 12 1.4(same engine layout) and it wont start...

Any ideea's !?

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