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Newbies / Newbie from Norway!
« on: 09:56, Tue 15 April 2014 »

I just bougt a 1987 Renault 5 GTE, not a GTT, and I can`t find much information about this car here in Norway, so I wanted to hear if anyone hear could help me. I was wondering if it was a lot of work to convert this car into a GTT.

Other than that, the car is in good condition, I need some bits here and there to get it to look 100%, but I have found some websites that has these parts in Stock, not so easy to find parts for these cars here in Norway. As far as I know, this is the only GTE in Norway. The GTE has a 1.7 litre engine, I think it is the same engine that the Volvo 440/460 had. Around 95 bhp, it`s really not that slow.
It`s fitted With Ronal 15" inch Wheels, and I think they look really good. Other than that, the car is standard.

So if anyone know if it would be possible to make a GTT out of this, I would be very Grateful. If know, do anyone know where I can find some performance parts for this engine?

Here is a Picture of the car  8)

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