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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rust how to???
« on: 13:31, Wed 26 February 2014 »
Been to look at a few R5 GTT's so far and they all seem to have that dreaded rust around the front window.

How can this be repaired professionally?

Newbies / hi team
« on: 18:40, Mon 24 February 2014 »
New on here
used to get alift to work in a raider many moons ago and now i'm at that age I want one of my own
Based in Hartlepool

Spotted / Was It You? / Spotted White GT5 Hartlepool
« on: 18:31, Mon 24 February 2014 »
Spotted a white GT5 hartlepool over seaton anybody on here?

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