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Hi guys,

Ive got a R5 GT turbo raider which I took down to a shell to full restore. When I say shell i mean literally!
Its nearly ready now apart from the fact that I have no idea where the water pipes, fuel pipes for carb and breather pipes go. Ive got brand new parts and have done the ones which are obvious. Ive had a look at pictures on this site but they only show the top.  I would be over the moon if someone can give some guidance  :o :( :'(

Newbies / I am new on here, have a Raider and need some help :-(
« on: 15:41, Tue 18 February 2014 »
Hi guys I am the owner of a Renault 5 Gt turbo which I am in the process of fully rebuilding. Anybody with one live close to the north east? I want to physically see the engine bay so I know where all the pipes go back on. Help needed :o

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