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Newbies / Owned the same 5 gt for 15 years.
« on: 20:29, Mon 20 May 2013 »
Hi all, I thought I would join up and say hi as a fellow Renault motor sport fan. I have owned my 5 for 15 years and am currently giving her a respray and general tidy up. She has been sorned for 4 years and is in good condition just needs the turbo stage 3 reconditioned as its a bit smokey some times. But it does boost up very well and always puts a smile on my face.  I do feel a bit guilty though as I also have a Clio v6 which has got used more in the past and is every bit as fun as the 5. But with out the dump valve lol I am thinking of using the 5 as a track car and having a blast around in it once a month at snetterton cause let's face it it just like a go kart.


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