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General Chat / Best Suspension
« on: 14:48, Mon 01 October 2007 »
There are many suggestions which one to fit, but ever happened that more than few people agreed upon same setup which suits GTT. Lets see what you have to say...

General Chat / Dials
« on: 09:23, Mon 03 September 2007 »
I have searching for original dials for GTT. So, I'm talking about black colored dials with red numbers and letter and finally I found them on eBay France. Guy can make any color and fit any logo on dials. So if you are searching same as I do :arrow: ... :IT&ih=013

General Chat / Original Yellow GTT?
« on: 17:11, Wed 16 May 2007 »
As far as I know there isn't GTT that had original yellow color but than again I was watching original GTT TV commercial from 1987 and on commercial, among others, was yellow GTT!

Reason I asked this question is result of noticing another yellow car on pictures from Slovenian meeting. (Also I know for one yellow GTE but not sure is it original).

What do yo say?

General Chat / Which Color?
« on: 14:44, Tue 10 April 2007 »
Thinking of repainting my car (again) very seriously past few weeks. It has to be grey based color. Now it is tungy grey which from some angles has greenish effect. I'm thinking on some titan grey but not sure from which car is best one :?:

Any suggestions welcome :wink:

General Chat / How Much For Full T25?
« on: 12:47, Fri 30 March 2007 »
I'm on to nice Turbo Technics Stage 3 Turbo. It is sweet full T25 .48ar and it needs to be reconditioned. Seller is going for around 130 quids. Is that Ok price for such thing in UK?
Reason why I'm asking this is because in Croatia I can't find anywhere such turbo and would give fortune for it!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carburator (Solex 32DIS) Pictures
« on: 16:40, Thu 27 April 2006 »

Front Side

Back Side

Left Side

Right Side

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Little Question About Suspension
« on: 10:32, Wed 05 April 2006 »
Are the Coil Overs and Adjustable Dumping (Bound & Rebound) Shocks the same thing?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gearbox Oil
« on: 22:29, Wed 16 November 2005 »
So, colder days are in front of us and there is no worse thing than hard gear shifting.

What gearbox oil are you using in yours cars or any suggestions (good or bad experiances). Every information is welcome.


General Chat / Quarter Mile Record by Andrew Cooke
« on: 11:04, Sun 04 September 2005 »
Although fastes run was 11.587@119.98 only this clip of 11.639@120.06 is taped.
Check it on  :arrow:

What you can say on this  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Links / Things that can make your day better
« on: 13:02, Fri 02 September 2005 »
Great one if you are bored at home or work or just curious about anything unusal. Every day something new and some things you can watch for thousand time and still :D  :lol:  :D  :lol:  :D  :lol:

Just check it :arrow:

General Chat / BB R5 with EFi
« on: 19:31, Thu 01 September 2005 »

Your cars / R5 GTturbo (Porky Pork Project)
« on: 10:13, Sat 06 August 2005 »
Got it for two years now, but paintjob was done a week ago. Thats why I didn't upload pictures before.

New seats fited. Retriming in process...

Air intake from Nissan Terrano II.

Custom rear spoiler coming next month.

Hope you like it.

General Chat / Universal Chrome Tanks
« on: 12:44, Wed 11 May 2005 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Spark Plugs
« on: 13:25, Wed 04 May 2005 »
When you put uprated or racing spark plugs? On which boost and jetting? What brand?

Also part numbers of spark plugs would be nice if someone knows?

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