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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel tank question
« on: 18:47, Thu 28 March 2013 »
Hi, had a fuel leak dripping from the tank. Dropped it out to find that someone had used silicon sealant to block off a 2" tube.
I couldn't see how to post pics here, so have 2 Dropbox links.
Pic1, the one that was sealed is the bottom right pipe. Looks yellow. ... 9%2034.jpg

Close up of it ... 9%2040.jpg

When fitted in the car the sealed pipe sits drivers side, right up against the chassis.

The reserve tank etc was all piped up. Can't work out what's going on.

Newbies / New owner (yesterday)
« on: 16:21, Mon 04 February 2013 »
Hi, im andy in southampton, I just got my gt turbo s1, it's been laid up a while. (2 years I reckon from the paperwork. ) it was really well maintained up to 2 years ago, not so much since. The boost controller was plumbed backwards preventing turbo running properly. My Haynes manual is on the way, but I'd like to get some advice on what to change to get it back on the road.
I'm thinking,
Coolant, oil + filter, fuel filter, plugs, maybe ht leads, distributor rotor, clean air filter.... Have I missed anything ???
It starts but only revs up to 3500 revs, when you back off the accelerator the dump valve is loud, so I guess turbos not seized.
Any chance someone can post some pics of the boost controller / actuator setup, I've seen davel485 said "Boost feed > Controller In > Controller out > Actuator." I think from the posts the boost feed is on top of the carb, but don't know.  
Before removing hoses from boost controller it wouldn't rev past 1000, maybe someone knows where there's a diagram of all the vac / boost hose routes? I guess some others hoses might be wrongly connected.
Ps where do you guys buy parts? I want the above bits, plus whatever else you recommend. I've seen an ebay guy (something like 5gtturbospares) local to me, but I think he only breaks the cars. Give me some advice and ill see you at the next car show!

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