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General Chat / dont you think this site is a little quiet?
« on: 17:59, Mon 24 September 2012 »
dont you think this site is a little quiet?

was just thinking as not much gets posted considering theres over 3000 members  :roll:

Your cars / my first ever r5
« on: 21:21, Sun 23 September 2012 »
hi, got me an r5 a couple weeks ago, not the best looking but its solid, got it like this

since then ive put a oem bumper on

slightly different white but once i find a grille and bonnet im hoping to paint it over the winter.

also lowered the front today -35mm but think it might need more but itll do till i get coilovers at some point

unsure of spoiler as yet......

it has the 1.7turbo volvo engine in, which isnt bad but standard so thatll change over time, also new wheels and exhaust en route so hope to have them on through the week, then next is a fmic, then ll see how funds go and what my options are.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / b18ft turbo
« on: 21:00, Sat 22 September 2012 »
Does anyone know if there's a direct replacement turbo for the Volvo engine in a 5?


Newbies / hi folks
« on: 22:26, Thu 13 September 2012 »
newby here.

hi my names derek, just got my very first renault 5 gtt and thought id sign up and learn a bit about them.

anyone else from up here in not so sunny scotland?

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