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Site/Forum/Computers / changing post settings HELP
« on: 10:27, Mon 08 February 2010 »
hi peeps, how do i make it so that when i leave the forum, all the posts i have not looked at don't remain orange when i come back and only new ones are lit up.

hope that makes sense  :?

probably easy to do but i am shite on computers.

General Chat / r26r
« on: 22:08, Sun 14 June 2009 »
i think this little puppy needs a pic in the other fast renault section on the home page as it is possibly one of the best reno's ever built ... eR26.R.jpg

Spotted / Was It You? / tungsten in fairoak
« on: 21:18, Wed 18 March 2009 »
this morning about 7 30ish. driver was wearin a chavvy baseball cap and lanched a few greenies out the window. :wink:

Other Renaults / clio cup 172
« on: 18:03, Wed 15 October 2008 »
does any one know if you can get a clio 172 cup with aircon? i like the look of the cup better than the normal 172 and dont care about leather but dont fancy buying a car without a/c.
any help would be appreciated.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / which gearbox?
« on: 20:31, Tue 16 January 2007 »
is ther another gear box that can be fitted to a 5 to give it better acceleration or what are the alternatives. basically mine is leaking oil badly. has a crack i nthe casing and i want to know the alternatives ie: off of a clio or a standard 5 :?
also, what are the advantages, if any of these copper head gaskets i keep seeing advertised? :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / which turbo
« on: 19:26, Mon 08 January 2007 »
if you could have any turbo charger, which one and whos would it be. been looking at em and every one is saying theres is the best (for obvious reasons) it would be for normal road use but all engine internals and gaskets have been uprated enough for any one of em? i hope :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / valve seals?
« on: 19:03, Mon 08 January 2007 »
stripped my head down last night and noticed there are no valve stem oil seals so i phoned gt tuning who built the head for me and they say that on all competition heads they would not fit em, mine is stage 4. do ya reckon thay are fobbong me off?
on a slightly different note, i noticed there was a bit of play in the valves when i moved em side to side in the guides. bearing in mind it is cold, do ya think there should be a small bit of movement, especially on something that has no seals on it?

Media / gixxerkart
« on: 14:00, Sun 07 January 2007 »
how much fun would this be.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / should i lube it up?
« on: 23:36, Fri 05 January 2007 »
just a quickie, the spline that comes out of the gear box and through the fly wheel/clutch, should i grease it up before putting the gear box back on as the bearing thingy that slides up and down it via the clutch arm is sticking a bit!
also what is the best gear box oil to use?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / engine removal?
« on: 18:13, Sun 24 December 2006 »
hi, can anyone tell me the best procedure for getting the lump out. last time i did it, it seemed awkward and am sure there is an easier way. need to keep the shell rolling though and have use of a lift, one of them ones where the wheels still hang free.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / coolant hose
« on: 15:43, Sun 10 December 2006 »
been getting a funny smell in my car lately when she has warmed up, then i noticed a small amount of steam coming from the left headlight. popped the bonnet and noticed it was coming off of the turbo :?  thought it was just condensation or something but yesterday a found no water in my header and a raging torrent of coolant coming from underneath the old girl. after closer inspection, the coolant hose that runs to the turbo from the water pump had split almost in two. just wondered if this was a common problem, maybe from the heat or something and if there was any way of stopping this happening again.

General Chat / turbo 2
« on: 14:59, Sat 02 December 2006 »
did anyone see that turbo 2 on ebay last week go for 6600. who ever got that got a bargain. was tryin to get the old man to buy it as he sold his jag and wanted something different but he was not having any of it :(  i only wanted him to get it so i could have a go in it :twisted:

General Chat / air tool
« on: 21:11, Mon 20 November 2006 »
my valve seals have gone so i was lookin for a tool for holding the valves shut so i could change the seals without takin the head off. thought is might be of use to other people withe the same problem. they also do a valve spring compressor which works without removing the head at a pretty cheap price :D ... r-k24-g1-a

Renault 5 GT Turbo / throttle cable
« on: 11:29, Sun 12 November 2006 »
can anyone put up a picture of how the throttle cable attaches to the carb. i dont know if i have a bit missing where it clamps the cable just b4 it gets to the carb. been through 3 cables now and its doin my head in :(

General Chat / valve spring compressor
« on: 18:54, Fri 10 November 2006 »
does anyone have a valve spring compressor, the type that you do not need to take the head off to use. my valve seals need doin but my head gasket has not long been replaced and all seems well so i dont wanna touch it if i dont have to. also i am tight and dont wanna buy another one. i know i should have done em when it was off but i thought they were alright, so that makes me stupid and tight ( and probably a bit lazy ) any help appreciated or any tips on how to do it without the compressor! my poor car is once again smoking :(

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