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Other Renaults / 95 campus 1.4 8v into 99 mk2 ph1 clio
« on: 18:43, Sun 08 July 2012 »
Think I've got terminal failure on my 1.2 8v D7F, what's my chances of getting my spare campus engine straight in without engine mount work? Anyone done this before? Anyone got any ideas? I've just spunked 800 quid on car, insurance and tax a month ago so I need this to work if at all possible!! Bloody renaults, this is the 2nd mk2 ph1 I've had die of cam belt failure within a month of ownership. :evil:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rear subframe conversion?
« on: 17:48, Sun 24 June 2012 »
Can the campus rear frame be converted to GT spec by replacing the hubs/drums/suspension
or am i better off searching for a rear GT spec frame? My donor is going to the scrappers soon, and the rear frame is a mess, but calipers/disks/hub dont look too bad at all. Thoughts?

Can anyone remember a Magazine featured Raider ( I honestly cant remember which mag, i spotted it in a mates mag pile years ago.) I do remember the lad had about 3 porsche badges and 2 ferrari badges (Stickers) with big red crosses through them in the back window (presumably traffic light gp victims) and that it was its original colour ..  I think the spec was kept secret at the time of the article but does anyone remember it? Any of the supposedly 'secret' spec. Does the owner still have it? I was totally amazed at the time of reading it. Little tin rust box eating premier brands for breakfast :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Instrument panel resistors.
« on: 20:41, Mon 16 April 2012 »
Does anyone currently have their instrument panel within easy reach? I need to know the values or band colours on the resistors on the rear of the GTT instrument panel, Ive managed to lose a couple from the rear during storage. Can anyone help?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Sunroofs
« on: 15:08, Thu 22 March 2012 »
My phase 2 has a sunroof, Were these factory fit or optional extra? Just wondering if its worth transferring it to the campus for that full replica look.

Test area / avatar test
« on: 00:06, Fri 16 March 2012 »
woop woop :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Removing Campus Rear Quarter Windows
« on: 11:35, Thu 15 March 2012 »
Whats the easiest way to remove these?
The Haynes manual I have only shows how to remove the GTT style windows.

Wanna avoid bricking em out lol. Too messy and no resale value :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Would GTT Clutch..
« on: 01:55, Wed 14 March 2012 »
fit on campus gearbox? Planning campus to GTT conversion next weekend (Weather permitting). do i need the GTT Box?

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