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Renault 5 GT Turbo / part identification
« on: 22:49, Sat 16 February 2013 »
evening all, does anyone know if there are any diffrences between r5 gtt, r5 campus and clio 1.8 16v subframes, steering racks, front struts and front brakes??

completely random question i know but iv got a subframe with steering rack, anti roll bar, lower arms, hubs and front struts but im not sure what vehicle they are from  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cooling fan issue
« on: 20:04, Thu 31 January 2013 »
Hi guys iv just finished rebuilding my c1j engine and she's a runner  :mrgreen:

but iv got it up to temp and the cooling fan wont cut in, at first i thought it was just taking ages due to new coolant but its def not cutting in  :cry:

iv checked the fan and its good, the top hose gets hot so im assuming the stat is opening.

iv checked and the temp sensor (on the waterpump) is connected but is this only for the gauge in the car??
is there something im missing??
what can i check next??

any help greatly appreciated as im desperate to get her running and this is all thats stopping me  :twisted:

Other Renaults / differences between f4r and f4rt engines
« on: 20:12, Tue 06 March 2012 »
i know this may be one of the stupidest questions all year but i just wanted to check, will the exhaust manifold from a f4rt fit the f4r?

infact are most of the bits interchangeable?

im guessing the compression would b less on the f4rt engines, would this just b different pistons but the same rods,crank etc??

am i right in thinking the f4rt uses a 6 speed box and the f4r uses a 5 speed box (in earlier cars) but both should fit either engine??

any help/info greatly appreciated  :mrgreen:

Newbies / HI
« on: 14:34, Sun 26 February 2012 »
hey everyone  :mrgreen:

im just about to start a 5 gtt project so thought id best sign up and say hello

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