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General Chat / uprated pushrods
« on: 22:42, Fri 17 February 2012 »
hi guys and girls please can anyone enlighten me as to where i can get a set of uprated push rods k-tec dont do them anymore cgb motorsport dont do them there must be a company that can still supply them if you know please spill as ive had a productive day of finding nothing thanx

General Chat / gt turbo engine weight
« on: 17:58, Mon 13 February 2012 »
hi does anyone on here know how much the gt turbo engine and gearbox weight im hoping to get a engine stand to rebuild my engine but ithe one im looking at says 227kg ive not got a clue cant find any info on the engine weight all i no is the car with engine weigh,s around 800kg any help would be greatly appreciated  :?

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