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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gearbox : Choices
« on: 14:18, Thu 21 January 2010 »
I am looking for a gearbox for my Gt Turbo. I have tried to source one from a R9/11 Turbo as the different final drive improves acceleration albeit at the expense of top speed.  Problem is they are like hens teeth.

Is there any other gearbox that I can use (Clio etc ?)

Would this one fit ? ... 414a267c2a


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Tyre Size
« on: 15:19, Tue 07 April 2009 »
My Car is currently running with 15 inch wheels and tyres 195/45 x15.

Track tyres this size cost a fortune. You can get 195/50/15 tyres a lot cheaper which is also a more popular size (Pug rs etc)

I am not to interested in rolling radius etc. Will a 50 series tyre fit under my rear arches. The car has been lowered by approx 40mm (guess). Does anyone else run this size of tyre ?

Media / R5 GT Turbo v R5 Turbo RWD
« on: 08:15, Wed 04 March 2009 »
Check out this video on you tube. Whether its the front wheel or rear wheel drive both cars can be unforgiving when the laws of physics take over.

General Chat / Renault 5 gt turbo for sale for 10K
« on: 20:02, Fri 20 February 2009 »
Check this site. The guy wants 10K

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Coilover Kit
« on: 15:49, Thu 15 January 2009 »
Im getting a coilover kit delivered this week. Question I have is when fitting the front ones is there any parts I need to take of the original struts.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ARB Poly Bushes
« on: 17:26, Tue 02 December 2008 »
I am looking at buying some polybushes for the front suspension.

For the ARB I have to specify a 19mm or 23mm roll bar.

My car is a phase 2. Could I have either size.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Lost keys
« on: 10:26, Sun 16 November 2008 »
I have lost the keys for my car.

Whats the best way to get a new set. The lock for my doors is different to the ignition.

Can I go to a Renault dealer with the ch no ?
Can I go to any key cutting shop with car details.

Is the lock number anywhere on the car.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ns electric window
« on: 20:03, Mon 28 July 2008 »
My ns electric window is inop. Ive tried the switch and it is not that.

There appears to be 2 wires going to the motor. Both appear to be live. Is this correct. Without removing the motor which looks like a right pain how would I test it. Could I use a direct feed from the battery.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Group A Carb
« on: 15:41, Sun 27 July 2008 »
My std carb running at 18psi has the following spec

120 main
0.9 a/c

1.30 second stg
1.00 air

My previous carb had a std venturi and 1.4 second stage. It ran too rich on wot at full boost.

The problems I am having with this carb (1.3) is that it runs fine at idle until you go for a blast then it idles erractically and the afr is all over the place (<10).

I have stripped this carb body down a few times cleaned it out and re built it. I am now beginning to think this carb is f....d.

I have a group a carb spare which has a 27 mm venturi and the second stage has been drilled out to 1.4. I was think of trying this out. As a starting point does anyone what main jet and a/c I should fit. I have an lc1 fitted and am able to get afr readings so I would be able to tweak jets later on. I am running the std needle and was wondering if anyone knew were I could purchase a larger needle .

Hope this makes sense.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / New T 25 Turbo
« on: 20:43, Tue 24 June 2008 »
I ordered a new hybrid turbo from Steve (GTT Boy) a couple of weeks ago and I have finally fitted it to my car.

It is a T25, dont know what comp ratio is but exhaust is .47.

The turbo came with actuator and was the exact footprint of the original ie fitted straight on to original manifold exhaust elbow and used original pipes etc.

I had some minor issues with the carb. It was running a bit rich at full boost (18psi) but after changing the jets this seems to have sorted itself out.

There is very little lag it spools up very quickly and has really improved the performance of the car. No idea what BHP im getting.(160-170 at guess maybe)

At a track day last week at Knockhill running at 18psi a Nissan 200sx was only able to pass me on the straight after 100mph. The driver of this car had eibach suspension fitted was running toxo proxes and he claimed his car was running about 260bhp.

The problems I had were relating to traction as I was running std road tyres  any time I applied the power exiting a corner in 3rd gear the wheels would just spin. Apart from the issue of tyres I am planning on fitting a larger turbo exhaust pipe. Any advice on what type of suspension to fit would  also be appreciated.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Steve (Gtt Boy)for getting me the turbo in the first place but also for the technical advice he gave me over the last couple of weeks when fitting the turbo and setting the carb up.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Changing wheel size
« on: 17:47, Sat 17 May 2008 »
If anyone is thinking of changing the size of alloys on their car this link I found will help decide which size of tyre you will need to ensure speedo accuracy.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Lack of boost
« on: 17:15, Sun 20 April 2008 »
Was at track day today.

At the start of the day the car was boosting fine about 18psi. As the day went on the boost progressively dropped very slowly. At the end of the day I was lucky to be getting 6psi.

I have since removed all the boost hoses and they all seem fine. I thought perhaps the diaphram on the dump valve was faulty but early on when the boost was quite high you could still here it.

If my turbo was on its way out could it be a cause.
If my headgasket was faulty could this be the cause. There appears to be no water in the oil etc.
I have a dual core alloy intercooler and there are no visible signs of damage leaks etc.

The only other thing I am not sure of is the actuator. How will I know if this is faulty or not.

Any advice would be most helpful

Renault 5 GT Turbo / t25 Tomcat
« on: 21:16, Tue 15 April 2008 »
My T3 turbo is really laggy. I am going to try and fit a t25 tomcat. Will the standard original T2 exhaust elbow fit this turbo.

Your cars / My Car
« on: 18:13, Tue 15 April 2008 »
I introduced myself on "hi section" and included spec of my car. Perhaps the wrong forum.

I will include any mods i have done on this section.

My car can be seen in the following clips

Red phase 2 Gt turbo. ... re=related ... re=related

Newbies / Hi
« on: 16:34, Tue 15 April 2008 »
I have been posting on this site for a while and thought I better say Hi

My car spec is at present.

Phase 2 Gt Turbo

Scorpion exhaust
group a head gasket
low temp fan switch
low temp thermostat
wideband controller
additional boost gauge
lowered uprated suspension (unknown)
allow carb top
dual core alloy intercooler
pipercross air filter
copper core radiator
adjustable boost controller
stripped out interior
roll cage
dump valve
alloy catch tank
group a carb
127 main
0.90 air
1.4 drilled out second stage.

t3 actuator
t3 turbo of (escort rs turbo)
front pipe of r19 used to join original exhaust to rs turbo outlet.

Car on road runs about 15psi. When on the track 18psi

Power output unknown. Any guesses anyone

Pics were taken at Knockhill this year. I will post more when I get round to taking some pics ... 51copy.jpg ... 54copy.jpg ... 56copy.jpg ... 55copy.jpg ... 52copy.jpg

Family transport ... 0_0148.jpg

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