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Newbies / A bargain or a headache...
« on: 14:15, Tue 29 November 2011 »
Hi, I'm Sy, I'm 25 and from North Notts. Been reading in the background for a little while and i thought i'd make use of the account and post my story so far..

I bought an 89 tungsten GTT for 120 off a mate who had had it sat on his drive for a year (the second time this time round, couple other lads on the estate had owned this one too.)

My mate bought it originally as never tracked, raced etc for 800 i think about 4 years ago. he only did about 10 miles or less in it before it went offroad for ages after he overheated it. he sold it on to another lad down the road who promptly had a little accident or something in it as the back passenger corner is all out of shape. some how my mate got it back again and it sat on the drive again ( I'm saving it, I'm gonna restore it he says)

As it stands now its a bit of a mess to be frank. ill let the photos show you all..
They are a little out of order, ome before and after bodykit off shots. and a big pile of rust i kicked out of the sills too lol.

Ive bought a 95 campus 1.4 to steal some panels and bits from. might end up as a complete reshell yet. i'll post some photos of that one another time. its tungsten aswell.

Ive always wanted a gtt, never thought i would own one. and now i do. pity it needs a summers work. but that might turn into a winters work as while writing this post ive just found out im out of a job.  :/ watch this space lol

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