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General Chat / Been a while...
« on: 09:06, Mon 03 September 2007 »
Morning gt owners... And non Gt owners.

Its been months since i last popped in on the site.

Hows it going?

General Chat / Its been ages.
« on: 16:36, Mon 10 April 2006 »
Just thought i would pop back and see how you lot are doing.
Good to see some of the old user names are still here.
Dj dark etc. :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:

General Chat / RTOC
« on: 16:10, Wed 15 June 2005 »
Lol just found augis on the rtoc
Who are members of the rtoc,
What is everyone elses user names on there.
Mines good old turbo pea, go check my profile.
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General Chat / Cruise
« on: 14:12, Fri 10 June 2005 »
Anyone up essex/basildon this weekend ????
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General Chat / And where is everone.
« on: 15:03, Fri 20 May 2005 »
I'd just like to say its been a partcularly bad turnout of peeps here in the forum 2day.  Where is everyone.

All alone ere.

Its kinda echoing. :lol:
 :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(

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General Chat / essex again
« on: 11:43, Mon 18 April 2005 »
Went back up to essex sat night.
Another good night out in the carz.
Went from the service station to a mc donalds but it was quite dead and the police were everywhere, So we went to southend and then on the way back to a mad strip in basildon. Were u there again Lee ?
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General Chat / Apex Suspension.
« on: 11:10, Tue 05 April 2005 »
Would anyone be able to enlighten me, is apex sh**e or is it not a bad manufacter of suspention kits.
K-Tec do a good value kit for about 250 squid.
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Links /
« on: 11:05, Wed 30 March 2005 »
Not a bad site.
Nice renault in the car section. Jan 2005 i think.
Ok Babes to.
And for the girlys there is a bloke section to.

Links / ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
« on: 12:10, Fri 18 March 2005 »
Plush. ... D%26sa%3DG

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General Chat / Discount.
« on: 13:48, Wed 16 March 2005 »
Well yay.
             I have managed to get a 5% discount with K-tec. Below is the e-mail ive recived from them. Just a few more bits to sort out and i will let you all no.

Hello Chris, we do give a 5% discount to a few dedicated Renault clubs and as you are a R5 dedicated club we would be happy to offer your members the same discount.
If this is of some interest please let me know.
David Kirk
K-Tec Racing Ltd
01202 855020

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General Chat / K-TEC
« on: 15:09, Tue 15 March 2005 »
Hello all,
            Quick question/idea. This is mainly aimed at Lee but any comments or   suggestions welcome. As this site and forum are reasonably well used and quite popular. I was thinkin, we should go to some of the main tuning companys and ask for a club discount. I no that RTOC have done it and it works well. The only reason ive come across this idea is because, A friend of mine who also works with me called BB tuning and asked if he could set up a discount for his local club. They asked no questions except what kinda club (mondeo owners club) and they sorted it out just like that. He in turn called K-tec to see if they would do anything simular. Guess what they would.
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Ice / Whats in your Car.
« on: 09:45, Fri 18 February 2005 »
What ice is in your carz.
Ive got a Sony head unit, In the doors ive got fusion speakers tweets and crossovers, In the parcel shelf ive got the good old Kenwoods. In the boot ive got 12" Macaudio sub. Two amps, Mono alpine for the sub 400 watts. 200 watt amp for the six by nines. I go for sound quality more then loadness. But sayin that it is Fookin load and very clear.
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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine removal.
« on: 12:28, Wed 09 February 2005 »
Has anyone got a step by step guide of how to remove the 5 turbo engine.
Im going to be startin this very soon. Just wondered if there was any source other than my two haynes manuels of how to do it. Hope someone can help Cheers.
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General Chat / .CO.UK
« on: 11:03, Wed 02 February 2005 »
Has anyone typed by mistake indstead of .com
Well i did ages ago and the site i got said under construction. I looked again today and it still is not workin. But the first page looks pretty cool. :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:

Links / Driftin stuff.
« on: 14:27, Fri 28 January 2005 »
Here are a few links. These are where i spend most of my time downloading drift clips. I really do have some pukker ones but don't seen to be able to add them on. If anyone hase some good footage post a reply to this so i can check it out.


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