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General Chat / renault 5 turbo brake servo???
« on: 15:53, Fri 21 January 2011 »
Hi eveeryone, im after a brake servo preferably a new one, if anyone knows where i can source one let me kno. thanks !! 8)

Your cars / r5 gt turbo
« on: 20:41, Fri 18 July 2008 »
hello all, heres my renault 5 turbo, what do you all think about it? and before you ask i dont no what its had done to it, ive only just brought it.. i kno it has a stage 3 turbo.. polished & skimmed head i think the mechanic said.. jus had a rebuild..??? lol  8)

p.s sorry bout the shite photo's will get some better ones soon..


General Chat / How much do r5's weigh
« on: 21:57, Sun 03 December 2006 »
Yeah so how much do R5's weigh?  8)  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ?????
« on: 23:07, Sat 08 July 2006 »
Rightyo i went with my mums boyfriend today and we took a r5 for a test drive and we were going about 20 and he put his foot down but there was no kick from the turbo?? and the we tried it in 4th and the whole car started juggering and we looked in the rear view mirror and the whole road was smokey as fook and then we was driving along just cruzin and so guy shouted to us your car is on fire?? we opend up the bonnet and the ssmoke was coming from the turbo?? what the hell was happning ?    :shock:  :?:

when i say kick i mean there was nothing atall and i looked at the turbo gauge and the turbo was flying up?  :cry:

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