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General Chat / Taking the F7P Plunge
« on: 20:32, Wed 16 May 2012 »
Picking up 2 F7p's on Sunday.One's a 500 mile recon lump (with receipts for the work) the other is a rebuild job,as it smokes (valve stem seals?) + 2 lots of ancillaries including an uncoded ecu.
 I've already got a set of GTX mounts and rad, so I'm hoping it's going to be quite painless.... :?
I'll take a load of pics as I go along and will be bugging the shit out of people that have done the conversion  :D  hoping to get it done by FCS,but we will see if that's realistic due to my severe lack of knowledge and trying to get 5 mins time to myself without getting jobs to do around the place off the other half... :(

General Chat / Daily driver
« on: 22:46, Sun 19 February 2012 »
Anyone else use theirs all year round?


General Chat / Marmite car
« on: 20:41, Mon 28 November 2011 »
Only a picture,but erm I guess you love it or hate it.
Personally It has burnt my eyes....... :shock:  :D

Your cars / Campus update
« on: 22:43, Wed 16 November 2011 »
Well,I picked up a GTX with some rust issues and started swapping over some bits.Alloys,interior,parcel shelf,'80's factory fit pioneer stereo  :D ,parcel shelf,fag lighter,tailgate plastic inner cover,fuel flap,clock,glovebox lid (mine was blue) just got the bigger vented discs, callipers and carriers to take off along with the instruments and heater fan motor

Now I'm torn between chucking in the 1.7,to replace the 1100 (As it's free),or stick to my original valver plan.I was even looking at the Blue GTT on E Bay at the mo',with an 8V 2.0 lump from a Laguna.Apparently they have a good torque spread,even though the kick out a modest 115bhp.

Anyone need anything I haven't mentioned,give me a shout,as I still need to fund things like steering wheel and possibly the alternative engine.

Anyhoo, pics  :wink:

One of our consultants Rangey. 84K. nearly 250 x what I paid for my 5!


The Donor.One owner from new and the biggest history file I've ever seen.Sills are absolutely rotted out and the guy was quoted over 600 quid in labour.used for a year to trundle around a farm.Damn shame as these are pretty rare now  :(

Just some of the paperwork that came with it.Owners handbooks,handbook for the stereo,$$$'s worth of bills and a fully stamped service history.

And finely,the Laguna lump in the GTT. Looks like a v tidy install


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Throttle cable frayed
« on: 12:25, Wed 28 September 2011 »
Had a wonderful time this morning,going down the A3,when my accelerator pedal stuck to the floor,when I was approaching stationary traffic

Managed to clutch it in,with the engine screaming it's nuts off and discovered that the cable was frayed to hell and had jammed in the plastic outer sleeve.

I've ordered one from Euro,which I am picking up this afternoon.Do I take the plastic inner wing off to route it,as there doesn't seem much space and does anyone have any tips on fitting? (Renault 5 campus)



General Chat / Engine - How Much?
« on: 00:14, Wed 28 September 2011 »
What should I be looking to pay for a GTT engine and box? (complete)
Will be rebuilt,so not looking at huge horsepower ones,dripping with goodies  :D

Newbies / Hi all
« on: 19:45, Tue 27 September 2011 »
How's it going everyone  :)
I'm Daz from Surrey.Joined the site as I've been swayed into a turbo conversion to my 1.1 Campus,after mooting everything from 19 16V swaps,Clio 172's and RSI conversions and even supercharged options.
 My car is a rock solid rust free '92.been lowered on refurbed steels with -40 springs on phase one legs.This is an absolute boggo Campus.No rear wiper,side plastics,radio,not even a fag lighter!
 Plan is keeping it kind of sleeper.No bodykit or big alloys.I'm on the hunt for some early Megane steels,so I can get some 185's on,or hopefully,some cup steels.
These base ones weigh in at about 725 Kilo's,so should go ok with the Turbo lump.I'm a bit of a clueless monkey with the spanners,,so be prepared for tons of tech questions  :D

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