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Renault 5 GT Turbo / How to guide to changing heater matrix?
« on: 21:48, Mon 10 September 2012 »
as above,

can't find one! someone point me in the right direction please?


Right. Thought this was a vac pipe issue as wasn't 100% on the setup.  Having since learned that my vac pipe setup is rght, I'm left wondering which course of action to take next.

I've had a few suggestions - check the idle jet, check the pipework for splits, check the fuel inlet filter, check the valve clearances.  I will carry out the above check tomorrow after work.  Anything else I can look at as I want to get it out of the road!!!

The engine is freshly built as is the carb. There is also a new mixture screw which i've been told the screw all the way in, then 3 to 3 + 1/4 turns out.

Thanks guys :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Vac Pipe nightmare :(:(
« on: 21:29, Wed 29 August 2012 »
Hello all,

Could really do with the standard setup for the vac pipes on my turbo!

Have searched the threads and the internet and now i'm going slightly mad!!

Could someone please provide photos or diagrams and a walkthrough for which pipe goes where!  If anyone would like to ring me and talk me through it over the phone, that would be awesome.

Thank you in advance

Jack 07702565064

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Hose indentification
« on: 08:53, Sun 05 August 2012 »
Mornin all,

Got my new hose kit here and with the exception of a few, i'm struggling to work out where they all fit!  Does anyone have a picture identifying each of the hoses and where they go? I've been browsing the 'your cars' section in hope of finding pictures that show what I need to know but so haven't had much luck!

Can folks either post a link or post the pictures straight to this thread? Any help would be, as always, much appreciated!!



Spotted / Was It You? / Very Clean White GT5 in Rochdale
« on: 15:28, Sat 24 March 2012 »
Saw it today, very clean!

Make yourself known to me if you are on here buddy!

Hi folks,

Could people please post up pictures of their engine bay and engine (removed from car).

I'm rebuilding a phase 2 and have completely stripped the engine bay.  I could do with pictures of an engineless bay so I can see where various clips and brackets go.

I could also do with pictures of an engine removed from the car.  Anything from bare block to complete engine (ancillaries and hoses).

Oh and any underbody/floor pan pictures would be helpful too!

The more photos the better so don't be shy folks!



Sounds like a daft question but what I ideally need is a picture of a gt5 engine bay - minus the engine.

I'm doing a rebuild and all brackets have been removed for replating.  Though I have taken pictures before removing, some aren't as clear as they could be!

I could also do with photos of the floor pan so I can refit new fuel and brake line clips in the right place..

If anyone could help, please do.  I'm at the rebulding stage and am really looking forward to getting out on the road in my new 5!

Thanks folks


Hello all,

Perhaps this topic already exists and I just can't find it, but... I was thinking it'd be very useful to have a list of where people are in the country to help with meets and more inportantly, help!

I'm rebulding my phase 2 and could do with taking a look at somebody else's complete car so I can find out where all the damn brackets I have actually go!

I'm in the North West, approx 10 miles from Manchester centre.  Postcode OL11

If anyone would like to start a proper listing, do this more professionally or indeed point me to the location of the already existing list, then please do!



Renault 5 GT Turbo / dashboard removal - how??
« on: 14:06, Mon 29 August 2011 »
bloody french bloody cars bloody hell.

how do i remove the dash? :)


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Can I clean my turbo in situ?
« on: 18:27, Sun 28 August 2011 »
hello all,

New to the '5 scene and so far loving it :D

Anyway, is there any method of cleaning to turbo in situ?  I took the turbo off my old mk3 golf diesel and cleaned it with carb cleaner and duck oil (too much carbon came out for my liking!!!)

Thanks in advance,


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