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Media / home made starter motor bike
« on: 21:19, Tue 20 December 2011 »

me and mates made this at work while back now using a 24v starter motor off a truck
video takes while to get into the good stuff tho

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Perc fan and fuel pipe help?
« on: 19:15, Thu 08 December 2011 »
Hey people
just had my perc fan off to clean it up, make it look bit nicer :)
My question is when fitting back on was planning on rooting the fuel pipe through it like its ment to be (i think ) is this a bad idea as i hear stories about them setting alight ? It is fused , at the moment the fuel pipe is rooted through some water hose or somethin and it looks crap!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / bad boy bonnet?
« on: 19:07, Fri 11 November 2011 »
seen a few 5s now with wot seems to be called a badboy bonnet where it covers more of the head light making it look alot meaner, im liking the look and wanting one day for myself but is it something they buy or can u mod ur own bonnet with some plate and alot of filler  :lol:  also does the bonnet have to be moved further forward to go over head lights ?
thanks  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / y shape gbox mount
« on: 21:35, Tue 01 November 2011 »
hey keep looking at "y" shaped gbox steady on ebay just wanted to no is that a standard part as my 5 dont have one either it was left off or its an aftermarket thing ?
thanks  :D

General Chat / paint code
« on: 08:16, Wed 05 October 2011 »
Where is the paint code on a 5 please ?

General Chat / rtoc?
« on: 20:47, Mon 26 September 2011 »
is it worth my while joining rtoc or is this forum better i find it hard spending 25 on something other than bits for the five lol thort this would be the best place to ask as im guessing some of you are already on there

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Boost
« on: 17:56, Mon 26 September 2011 »
Im so very sure this has been asked before but for when i am thinkin of uping the boost on my 5 wot is the limit on a standard engine

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Another wit a carb & inlet manifold question
« on: 21:59, Sun 25 September 2011 »
Do the water pipes on the carb and inlet manifold act as cooling to or they just for stopping carb icing reason i ask at the mo mine is bypassed straight to the turbo so should i sort it out or leave it will i get any power gains either way wot do other people do
thanks Ben

Renault 5 GT Turbo / help
« on: 17:32, Sat 24 September 2011 »
just a quick two
where does the hose go from the aei go on to the carb
Also where does the hose from the fuel inricher on the carb go to is it to the double t piece
Would be a great help my manual is crap lol
thanks Ben

Your cars / ben's first five project
« on: 21:01, Mon 08 August 2011 »
hi all names ben im 22 im a hgv mechanic, just started my first 5 gtt project thort i would get a thread going to show my progess as it happens :)
had it about two weeks now its not pretty but hopfully one day it will be lol this is the ad pic from when i brought it

General Chat / interior question
« on: 19:13, Mon 01 August 2011 »
Is there a difference between phase 1 and phase 2 i interior
thanks Ben

General Chat / would really help ?
« on: 09:17, Sun 31 July 2011 »
Hi again people sorry for all the questions recently just started my project got it Tuesday as a non runner its up and running now but so many pipes and plugs of i have a general idea bein a mechanic but could really do wit a high res photo of someone's engine at a birds eye view just until my manual gets here lol
thanks alot Ben

General Chat / dump valve question
« on: 16:40, Sat 30 July 2011 »
Where do u take the vacuum for a dump valve on a 5 took it off past the throttle valve but it stays open all the time no instructions coz i found it in the boot lol

General Chat / best manual ?
« on: 01:23, Sat 30 July 2011 »
looking at haynes manuals which is best the workshop one or owners repair manual im a mechainc so im thinking workshop one coz it maybe in more depth
wots your views guys?

or even both ?

General Chat / where is it
« on: 23:50, Fri 29 July 2011 »
Hey all where is the knock sensor on a phase 2 engine ? Could u take a pic

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