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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Idle jet
« on: 21:12, Mon 29 August 2011 »
Car is running really well, touch wood and apart from slipping clutch , which is about to be sorted. I took out the idle jet today and cleaned and when replacing it , if I screw it in 100% the car splutters hunts and dies, but let it off 1/8 th of a turn and it's fine and idles perfectly.What would cause this ? Any opinions happily received . Cheers

General Chat / Dent removal
« on: 22:18, Thu 21 July 2011 »
Hi, have any of you had any success with having dings and dents removed on their 5's from companys like dent master etc? Reason being a have a few ripples and dents that don't really warrant a body shop full respray . Is it easier as the metal work is paper thin or harder to put right ? Cheers  :mrgreen:

Your cars / 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 22:24, Sun 17 July 2011 »
Picked this up today from Glenn(Superted) Nice 7.5hr round trip :shock:
Sort out an engine/turbo and carb first, then the body work 8)  Long term project, not going to be done over night :D  . Love it already 8)  
I'll keep updating pics as i go :mrgreen:

General Chat / Engine fitting any special tools needed
« on: 20:27, Thu 07 July 2011 »
Pretty open question ,but would you say fitting a engine in 5 is pretty staight forward and are any special tools required. Built many a mx bike engine but never a car, so do i attempt it myslef or take it off to some guys i have used in the past , with a rolling road too.
If anyones wants to offer their services i'm more than willing to pay. Not picked the car up yet or found donor engine, but planning ahead  8)  8)  8)

Links / Lovely tunny .
« on: 18:15, Fri 24 June 2011 »
Sorry if this has been posted before, but found this the other day . ... ..-updated

Stunning :-)

Newbies / Newbie , Hello
« on: 12:02, Sat 18 June 2011 »
Morning all, always loved the Gtt's since having one when I was 20 ,now 37. I think I have missed it ever since. It was an 89 F tungsten grey. Looking to get another one soon, but have to make space in the garage and sell something first, as I have too many toys ( she says) . Any way nice place you have here and some great info . Ideally it will be another tungy if possible . We'll see what comes up:-) cheers Rupert

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