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General Chat / cozzy powered renault 5
« on: 20:25, Tue 10 April 2012 »
look what i found just browsingon tinternet its a beast  :twisted:


heres the build


Links / twin engined 5 gtt
« on: 16:36, Mon 19 March 2012 »


Renault 5 GT Turbo / help 5 wont start
« on: 16:53, Tue 29 November 2011 »
^ as above i started her up last week then turned it off 10 minute later needed to move the car then it wouldnt start when i do the first click it makes buzz kinda noise for a second like it normally does but second click it makes the same noise the engines doesnt turn over at all anyone no what it could be? got my uncle to have a look he said it were starter motor saw took that of other day but if anyone knows what this could be let me no 5 owners

thanks nathan

General Chat / stickers
« on: 18:57, Thu 08 September 2011 »
just wondering does the forum do windows stickers ??

thanks nathan

Your cars / my little 5 project
« on: 00:42, Mon 11 July 2011 »
hi everyone im new to the forum here is my 1.4 campus prima lets start the build! :D

next day started strippin her down hoping no rust  :lol:

had a root threw the garage and found my old mim 1900's off my old golf gti lets try them on

stripped the interior nice solid floor thank fxxk

started to rub down

few skims of filler here and there the panel are straight apart from a few dings

next day started lookin around poke round with screwdriver and walla

and how did i not spot this must of been the excitement of owning my first 5

saw sorted all tools car bits saw i can get the new project in garage

1 door off one to go i could see more rot under the front panelsaw thought might aswel take doors off ready for prep

panel off aaaand found ..

THIS  :shock:  only jokin the few pictures ive showed is the only rot i hav found on the whole car which is nothing for one of these

ive decided not going to put gtt bumpers on guna put mk2 golf gti big bumper kit on here a pic i think itll look ace when ther all done

started on welding

but then i thought get my dad to do it he's a coded welder i wanted it done proper

thats it for now but i'll keep you posted thats if your interested lol only jokin

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