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Newbies / New guy from Leeds
« on: 09:55, Tue 13 September 2011 »
Newbie but old timer ex-r5gtts From Kirstall, Leeds........  8)  

Originally from Nelson, Lancashire (nr Burnley), used to owed many r5gtts and was running my own business specialise on r5gtts buy/sell and breaking for spares and as well doing bodywork business in Padiham, Lancs (nr Burnley) but sold it with thousand of stocks sell cheaply in early 2000's due to change of career path.......biggest mistake I have make!  

Now on the look-out for nice decent r5gtt, preferably in cabriolet

By the way, I am old-timer on R5GTT owners' club member way back late 90's but new to this forum  


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