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Renault 5 GT Turbo / R5 PROBLEM at 60mph
« on: 17:52, Sat 17 September 2011 »
not having much luck at the moment. thi shas to be my worst week, i got my r5 campus back from garage and they have totally ballsed it all up so flogged it on emay for 146

thought i would go buy a R5 turbo which i have done today whoop whoop however there is an anoying problem... when im in 5th on the motor way and doing 60ish the turbo kicks in and the car gets a quick boost then shudders like its going to stall. the boost dont even last long enough to get in the other lane to overtake.

i need to drive up to Leeds monday afternoon and really need someone i can go to to have a look (im based in milton keynes) any sugestions?

General Chat / im having a nightmare
« on: 17:23, Sun 21 August 2011 »
having bought my 1st car i wanted to do things myself like fit some new seats and stuff

prob is i have just messed it right up, i bought some seats thinking they should just replace the old ones but they dont, so i thought oi would take off the rails off my old one and put them on my new seats and the holes dont match up and now i cant get the old seats back to gether

to make it all worse i attemped the drives seat not passengers so now i have a car i cant frigging move

can some one please advise me what i can can do to solve this hole big mess?

Thanks in advance


General Chat / basic probely daft question on doors
« on: 22:53, Thu 18 August 2011 »
I have a standered M reg R5 campus and i have noticed at the bottom of the door there is a plastic pannel on the outside

what can i do with this? it looks naff and i want to get my car sprayed next month but 1st i need to work out what do with ths issue?

any tips welcome

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Changing my R5 campus to a R5 turbo
« on: 23:46, Sat 18 June 2011 »
Hi all

Im a complete nooob when it comes to cars but one thing i know is ever since iv been a boy iv loved the R5. I have just bought my self a R5 1.4 Campus and want to know how much work and what is needed to turn it into a badboy R5 Turbo and if anyone can reconmend somewere near Milton keynes were i can get the work done



General Chat / Wide wheel arches R5
« on: 17:25, Tue 14 June 2011 »

I have seen a mini on ebay link below and i absolutly love the wheel arches and im wondering if anyone knows if i can get something like this for a R5 ... K:MEWAX:IT

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