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General Chat / wanted r5gtt
« on: 13:36, Wed 22 May 2013 »
My friend as got the r5gtt bug so if there is any 5's for sale let me know he is look to spend about 2k at the most.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / afr readings in the 10's on light throttle
« on: 21:03, Mon 13 May 2013 »
My afr reading at light throttle are in the 10's how do I make it leaner.
At wot is around 11.9-12.2
Idle is 14-14.2

Who's going to the French car show this year and are u goin up the night before or on the day, and we're u from.
It's there a rtoc stand????

General Chat / Megajolt
« on: 21:00, Mon 30 January 2012 »
Has anyone got a megajolt on there 5 and what are the results ie power, how it runs, and what difference it has made.
I'm hoping to get one of these before the summer so I just want to know if it's worth buying

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help
« on: 13:01, Wed 03 August 2011 »
Can I take my actuator off with my turbo still on?

General Chat / Insurance
« on: 00:03, Thu 28 July 2011 »
Has anybody got classic car insurance if so who are u with and whats the cost????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / How do I get my 5 to spit flames
« on: 21:47, Tue 19 July 2011 »
How do I get my gtt to spit flames, it pops and bangs but don't flame. And does any of your gtt flame?

General Chat / 0-60 & 0-100 times
« on: 23:10, Wed 29 June 2011 »
What your 0-60 & 0-100 times and also what's yor top speed?

General Chat / vinyl wrap
« on: 21:47, Thu 16 June 2011 »
Has anyone vinyl wraped there and if so how did it go and was it easy?

    Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5th gear
    « on: 20:19, Sun 12 June 2011 »
    My fifth gear has gone drove all the way to Santa pod yesterday with only 4gears from Leeds. The problem is I go to put it I'n 5th and there is nowt there. Is it an easy fix Or should I get a new box?????

    Renault 5 GT Turbo / Screamer pipe
    « on: 19:55, Sun 12 June 2011 »
    Has anyone fitted a screamer pipe to a r5 gtt and if so was is easy and did it have any effect on the performance.

    Events/Shows/Cruises / Pvs
    « on: 08:09, Thu 09 June 2011 »
    Is anybody goin down to pvs on Saturday? My mate is a big vauxhall fan and wants me to go down I'n ma 5. Convoy anyone??????

    General Chat / Upload ur pics and vids from rtoc day and fcs
    « on: 13:44, Sat 04 June 2011 »
    Get ur vid and pics upload from rtoc day and fcs plz as I carnt attend any lol

    Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turn up the boost
    « on: 18:06, Fri 03 June 2011 »
    How do I turn up my boost from my actuator. My m8t has just got a Audi r8 v10 and my car keeps up till about 100mph and then I get left. It's at 18psi and I want to turn it to 20psi  help plz

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