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Your cars / Getting new project, hopefully!
« on: 20:47, Wed 06 April 2011 »
Hi All.

I'm new to this site, 2nd post. I've had a 5 before but not had one for about 8 years. I had an F reg Tungsten Grey pocket rocket from '99 to '04. I have found a project car that needs a little welding and a really good tidy up and i'm seriously considering taking it on!
What do you think? Thoughts??


Newbies / Newbie from Cheshire
« on: 06:00, Tue 05 April 2011 »
Hi All.

Just joined the site. I used to have a 5 turbo from '99 to 04 but had to get rid due to not having anywhere to keep it! Desperate for another one now and have one ear marked for a little project.  Used to be in the RTOC and did a few events :) Looking forward to a new project. Anyone else from the Northwest here??

Cheers chaps and lasses.  Batcho99

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