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Newbies / Hi All, just got a Phase 1 GT
« on: 23:40, Sun 06 March 2011 »
Hi all,
thought id introduce myself, im Rick and run my own scratch/Dent repair business in Leeds: and ive just bought myself a rather nice Phase 1.
you might have seen it for sale on piston heads the last few days.
been looking for a R5 on and off for a few years, ive never had one before, but saw this and had to take a look.

1986 LHD phase 1 in pearl white.
beautiful original condition, arrow straight 1 previous owner 72k KM's (40 odd thousand miles) and a wallet full of every receipt from new. the guy used it as a run around in France/UK attached to the back of his caravan.
interior is mint, its like a time warp!
the only bit of surface rust is around the front wipers, i had a quick dig with a screw driver
this evening and its nothing that wont grind off. sills and all other areas are solid.

my plans are a full respray (you could run it as is! but im very fussy - being a painter and all!)
bonnets been painted before and has a few blemishes.

i am also thinking of colour coding the arches and bumpers - currently they are painted in a satin cream/white which i believe was original in this colour?
what are peoples thoughts on properly colour coding them or should i redo them satin white?

wheels are a big thing for me and half of me is torn to getting these powder coated and the other half says get some different wheels, Phase 2 alloys, turbines or somthing? any ideas/thoughts?

i wont be messing with this much at all, will be kept pretty much totally standard.

i would loike to hear your thoughts/views and see you around the forum.

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