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Your cars / latest pics of my standard R5GTT :D
« on: 15:16, Sun 10 March 2013 »

General Chat / steering rack???
« on: 13:48, Thu 29 November 2012 »
when i turn my steering wheel, i can turn to 11 and 1 oclock without the wheels this the steering rack?? cheers guys :)

Your cars / My Standard R5GTT
« on: 10:42, Mon 13 June 2011 »

General Chat / white smoke??? help
« on: 17:41, Wed 08 June 2011 »
I took the 5 out for a spin yesterday, when I turned the engine off I heard a little pop. I started her up straight away and from that I had white smoke coming out of the exhaust.....please tell me this is a water problem as the smoke is white and not a head gasket???? Appreciate any help :-)

General Chat / SO MUCH INTEREST!!!
« on: 20:43, Wed 11 May 2011 »
Considering I only pick my first 5gtt up last friday......ive had some bloke throw his breaks on to tell me he loved it and that he haddnt seen one for ages.

had some other bloke track me down in sainsburys car park today to try and buy her off me...apparently saw me drive in and waited by my 5 till i came out :lol:

street cread is mental with a standard and unmolestered mint 5gtt!!!

General Chat / Pick up day
« on: 12:11, Thu 05 May 2011 »
:D Tomorow I shall be picking up my first R5GTT.....having got a brother with a 14yr age gap, I fell in love with them at a young age and as soon as he brought home his red phase one followed by his black phase 2.....I had to own one one day!!!

Finally im going to be a proud owner of a standard black phase 2 in mint condition that will be kept for fair weather days!!!

I shall put pics up soon as and look forward to all of your thoughts!!!

General Chat / anyone on here under 25 and own a r5gtt???
« on: 18:02, Mon 14 March 2011 »
if so who are you insured with amd how much do you pay???

General Chat / perc fan cost???
« on: 12:10, Mon 14 March 2011 »
just wondering if anybody knows how much a perc fan would cost plus fitting?

General Chat / how much would you pay?
« on: 17:00, Fri 11 March 2011 »
how much would you pay for a standard black phase 2...12months MOT no tax, 3 owners, dry stored all its life (no rust or marks), 79400 miles full service history.....pretty much mint :D

General Chat / Best insurance on a 5gtt
« on: 16:59, Fri 04 March 2011 »
Im 23 with 5 years no claims which i have on my van......on Sunday im going to have a look at a standard phase 2. is there anyone on here that is under 25 with reasonable insurance? Ive been quoted 740 with adrian flux.....even if your not under 25, do you know any companies that are good for insurance on a 5gtt.

appreciate any help!!!


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