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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Low power, any ideas greatly received
« on: 20:06, Sat 10 March 2012 »
Took my car to Scoffs today (Many thanks for the time and tea) to see what power it's producing and if anything could be improved. All seems good engine and fueling wise (apart from a bit of a smokey turbo) but the power was way down

The only thing Scoff thought it might be was a faulty AEI unit, didnt have one to try at the time so after checking everything else left it at that. Came back home and swapped the AEI for another, maybe picked up a little quicker but there wasnt a massive difference Probably need a bit more time testing). apart from trying another turbo im at a loss

msm head
jetted carb, choke removed
double cap intercooler
piper 285, vernier
low comp pistons
T28 AR42 - .47
running 16.9psi at carb top 118bhp  :oops:
running 20psi carb base 151bhp  :oops:

General Chat / Saw this and it made me laugh !!
« on: 13:41, Mon 05 December 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Oil restrictor needed for T28?
« on: 18:54, Fri 02 December 2011 »
Does anyone run a 1/16 oil restrictor or similar for there turbo? reason I ask is I had my engine rebuilt and thought the turbo was ok. I ran the engine in for 300 miles with no boost (didnt go over 3k anyway) until one day on tickover the turbo started smoking. I had the turbo rebuilt and fitted it. primed the turbo prior to start up, fired the car up and within minutes I had plumes of smoke from the exhaust. Took the turbo off and the exhaust housing was covered in oil (also a little behind the comp wheel) .

Ive had the turbo stripped again, checked cleaned and rebuilt and all is good. Im thinking that the engine is pushing to much oil through the turbo causing the leaks. I fitted a oil pressure gauge and once warm it reads 60psi on tickover and 80psi when you rev it.

All oil breather and drain pipes have been cleaned out, there was a bit of gunk in the oil breather filter.

General Chat / Lota flash for your cash!!!
« on: 09:49, Fri 28 October 2011 »
Just having a nosey on ebay and what cars are about and came across this, there are loads to choose from so you could get one in excatly the spec and colour you want!!

Just a shame when I was looking these were still 17500!!! ... 336d9c3ba8

General Chat / Kit car?????
« on: 18:29, Fri 30 September 2011 »
Just spotted this on ebay, shame you'd look a plonker after getting blown away by a 5 gt  :lol:

ebay .Item number: 300603544494

General Chat / Alloy wheel fitment (This may have been posted before
« on: 20:56, Sun 25 September 2011 »
Heres a list of other car makes that share the same PCD (offsets may differ)

BMW: Mini
Chevrolet-Daewoo: Kalos / Lanos / Nubira
Citroen: C1
Daihatsu: Cuore / Gran Move / Sirion / YRV
Fiat: Grande Punto
Honda: Civic / Jazz / Logo
Hyundai: Accent / Atos, Atos-Prime / Getz
Kia: Picanto / Rio / Sephia / Shuma
Mazda: 323 / Demio / MX-5
Mitsubishi: Carisma / Colt / Lancer
Nissan: Almera / Kubistar / Micra
Peugeot: 107
Renault: Clio / Kangoo / Laguna / Megane / Scenic / Modus
Rover: 200(25) / 400(45)
Seat: Arosa / Ibiza / Cordoba / Inca
Skoda: Felicia
Subaru: Justy G3X
Suzuki: Alto / Baleno / Ignis / Liana / Swift / Wagon R+
Toyota: Aygo / Corolla / MR2 / Starlet / Yaris
Vauxhall: Agila / Astra / Calibra / Corsa / Meriva / Tigra / Vectra
VW: Caddy / Golf II-III / Polo / Lupo

General Chat / Best cookies??
« on: 21:31, Sat 24 September 2011 »
As im a bit of a cookie monster, I thought I would see what other peoples views on cookies were.

Heres some of my favourites.

Fox's Extreme chunky cookies
Tesco chunky cookies (surprisingly good)
Maryland Big and chunky
There is a bit of a "chunky" theme I know, but the small ones are a waste of time  :lol:

General Chat / Alloys for a Raider??
« on: 23:43, Fri 23 September 2011 »
Just having a nosey on ebay and came across these. Would look very cool on a blue 5 or a Raider


General Chat / Cheap Turbo 2 Maxi !!!
« on: 17:59, Sat 03 September 2011 »
Found this for sale, says £POA not sure if id give a  "Piece of ass" but some might  :lol: ... arno/60214

General Chat / Clutches
« on: 22:34, Fri 02 September 2011 »
Just a quick question, are the Valeo clutches that are for the R5 "Uprated" or are they just a replacement.

While searching I found a website selling clutches with this description below :lol:

RENAULT R5 Clutch Kit
This is a new, original Valeo clutch kit to replace the clutch of a RENAULT Super 5 1.4 GT Turbo (jul 1984 - aug 1990) and comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

This clutch kit has unique packaging that secures the clutch kit under a film and halts the components from moving in the box. This packaging ensures the protection of the components when sending.

Easy Installation
This Clutch Kit can usually be fitted very quickly at home. However if you are uncomfortable installing this clutch kit yourself you can take it to your nearest MOT, service or Renault garage who will be able to fit it for you for an extra fee.

Typical Savings:

Self Installation: Save £350 (80% less)
Garage Installation: Save £100 (54% less)

Surely thats a little misleading!!!

Events/Shows/Cruises / World Renault Series Pics
« on: 17:02, Sun 21 August 2011 »
Just a few pics from Saturday,

Best view for action shots

My favourite of the day

Broken down at the services

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Nooooo!!!!!!!
« on: 20:01, Sat 20 August 2011 »
Well after a good day out at WRS at Silverstone im now home in a not to good mood.

Had to show a corsa VXR that the "old boys" still have the edge which I did with ease. Did about another 30 mile at a steady speed till the oil pressure gauge dropped, smoke through the vents and a clatter from the front!!

Think the big end bearings or something bottom end has pooped its pants!

Do I fix it or push it into the nearest quarry!!!

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