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Newbies / Reanult 5 TL (Questions for the brains)
« on: 20:28, Thu 17 February 2011 »
So I have this Renault 5 TL we have had in the family for a while now. Grew up with the car. It's been standing somewhere for a long time now.

I don't really know what is possible to do with the car.
I want to keep the car as stock as possible, when it comes to looks.

And this is what a thought of:
Performance suspension (where to buy? what should i look for?)
Sway bars (where to buy? what should i look for?)
Turbo (Is it possible? what do i have to do? and what turbo should i use?)
Air filter
Sound system (What will fit inside the door panels?)
Wheels and tires (what size is best and what bolt pattern?)

Need to change out som body-parts as well, and where the hell can i find that?

Probably some more changes as well, give me some ideas please!

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