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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Loss of front indicator
« on: 19:57, Thu 21 July 2011 »
Anyone had any issues of their front passenger indicator stopping working at all?  Just went to change the bulb in mine (as you do when they stop working) and there's still no life in it...  The relay is ticking away nicely and the rear indicator is working no problem (albeit rather quickly).

Any other connections in the car I can check?  Took a look at the one under the bumper area and it's still connected up fine so it's not that and I tried two new bulbs too before someone states the obvious.....

General Chat / RTOC
« on: 19:55, Tue 19 July 2011 »
Anyone here know an admin or something on the site at all?  I've fired two messages to them now and had no reply at all.  I still can't join the site as a full member (I'm signed up, but there's still no visible link for me to click to pay up and get full access to the place).

Getting really fed up with not being able to join up :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Inlet Manifold Dims
« on: 13:49, Fri 24 June 2011 »
Just a quick one guys, does anyone have an inlet manifold sat on their shelf at the moment that they can get a few dims off for me at all?  I'm just looking into a future project for when winter rears it's ugly head.  It might be a non-starter, but for now I'm just trying to satisfy my curiosity....

Here's what I'm after if some kind person can help.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo Actuator
« on: 11:30, Wed 08 June 2011 »
Anyone have any idea what actuator this is, can't seem to find any info despite trawling the net for a couple of nights.  It's now very non-adjustable, I'm guessing the previous owner just set it an left it without lubing it all up first so I'm wanting to replace it.

Cheers guys.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Where's my 12psi gone?
« on: 09:33, Wed 04 May 2011 »
I seem to have lost 2psi somewhere, the car was running 18psi when last week but for some reason it's dropped to 16.  Only reason I checked is there's an audible difference to the dump valve, before it was obscenely loud and now it's gone really really quiet.  Not sure if this makes any difference or not but Vac wise it was around 25inHG and now it seems to be at 13inHg.

I've had a quick look under the bonnet for air leaks while the car is running, I seem to be getting a hissing from the DV (Forge Motorsport item) on tick over but there's nothing apparent anywhere else.  Could it be letting air in maybe?  Would that cause a loss of PSI?

Site/Forum/Computers / Just an idea - weights.
« on: 16:51, Thu 03 March 2011 »
Just a quick idea that I found useful on a 205gti site.  They've got a sticky topic listing various 205 parts and how much they weigh so people can get postage quotes just by having a look at a list.

Would something like this be useful on here?  I don't have any R5 parts to weigh myself, but if you use the forum collective over a matter of time you should end up with quite a comprehensive list.  Just requires a mod/admin to keep the first post updated when a member has added it to the topic.

Just a thought.

Your cars / Marshalls Tungsten R5
« on: 15:02, Mon 07 February 2011 »
Well, has taken a bit of time to throw this up since my 'hello' post, just been too busy...

So here it is, it's a '93 Phase 2 which has about 80k on the clock.  Body work wise it needs the windscreen surround sorting out as it's badly repaired (and probably full of filler) but apart from that it seems pretty solid all round.  

I prefer my car's to look as original as possible so the rude boy bonnet in the pics has gone already and I've stuck the original one back on.  Also plan on lifting it 20mm as it's just too low for my liking on it's current 40mm drop all round, it really drags it arse around if I've got any sort of weight in the back (like my not so small little brother).

Spec wise it goes something along the lines of:

Fully Poly-bushed
Gaz adjustible rear shocks
Grooved/vented discs
Scorpion exhaust
T25 turbo and actuator running single pipe cup mod
GT Tuning ram raid induction kit
Group A carb

It's currently pushing out 18psi (any idea what that transfers too in BHP?), which for me is plenty quick enough for now.

Also, after these photo's were taken I had a little 'incident' with the wind while fixing a puncture up in the hills, so now it's got this little beauty:

So I suppose first questions are:  Where can aI get some -20mm springs and does anyone have a Tungy door they'd be willing to let go  :lol:

Newbies / Fresh meat....
« on: 16:40, Wed 02 February 2011 »
Afternoon chaps.   Been lurking here for a couple of weeks now seeing what's what and how things work.

Originally had a R5 GTT back in '97 (I'm 32 now) but it only ran long enough to drive it onto the trailer, managed to get my grubby mitts on another a couple of weeks back which has taken me 5 years to get off the previous owner...

I'm a CAD monkey by day and a social recluse by night due to renovation works, apart from that I live on the Isle of Man, partake in a spot of Enduro racing and when the weather sees fit do a bit of Downhilling.....

I'll stick the car up in the car section in a bit as I'll be after some advice and what-not.


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