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Hi !

On my carb:

-venturi 25mm standard
-main jet 1.2
-a/c 1.0mm
-1st stage 1.0mm
-2nd stage 1.5mm

I've holes after each long loads.......... each speed, as a "cut of ignition" during a big second, the gtt "stifles" ! I've test with needle valve 2.5mm and 2mm .. always the same prob, with a 1.7mm standard, perfect ! :|  :|

I took a long time before finding that it came from there, because for me there is no "relation" between a needle valve and a hole when I accelerate !

(I change JUST the needle valve !)

A friend who have put a needle valve of 2.5mm, same prob ! He put the 1.7mm standard and perfect .. !

Who has already had the same problem?!

Thank you. :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / system of detection pinging/detonation !
« on: 20:18, Sat 15 January 2011 »
I research a system of detection pinging/detonation other than stethoscope...... like a "light", a small LED placed on the "dashboard" ?!

Other suggestions maybe ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / VNT - how function it ?!
« on: 14:15, Fri 31 December 2010 »
I have seen that a lot here use a VNT........... I would like know how works a VNT ? Because, it seems to me that there is no regulation (no waste-gate) ?!

So, depending on the type of VNT you have, for example, 1b (14.5psi) at 2500rpm, and 1.5b (22psi) at 6000rpm?!

What pressure have you and at what rpm exactly?

On what car find a VNT?

Any information that you can give me are interesting, because I want to put a VNT on my gtt ! If you have pics of different type of VNT....... Thank you very mutch ! :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / camshaft & springs valves PIPERCAMS / disagree !
« on: 18:53, Thu 30 December 2010 »
Who has already seen it ?!

-Camshaft pipercams 285 (Maximum lift 9.8mm, look with a comparator 9.78mm, so it's ok)
-Springs valves pipercams
-Springs cup catcams

 :shock:  :shock:

Difference springs cup catcams/standard (in height almost same, maybe 5./10.. but it's not that who fact that... !)

Difference springs piper/standard

So since I've put springs catcams, but I want know how you running with your pipercams 285 ??! :wink:

I don't understand why springs pipercams do not function with a camshaft pipercams, from the same brand !!

diffrence springs catcams/pipercams

In maximum lift:

It's better now!!!!! :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Your boost / carb / ignition ?
« on: 21:02, Mon 27 December 2010 »
Hi, I want know how much pressure you have for running ? But mainly, with what jet carb? & what ignition? (standard 208/209, or others......?)

Because, i've find some pinking/detonation with a lot of boost (20psi & +)! I've a gra carb, but it means nothing .. there is different possibility of air corrector, larger main jet, ... what do you have?

I've also the Renix box (rx3) for test the standard ignition, and it's good, but maybe, with a too big boost, 20 psi and more, the standard ignition (208/209) with 32 in full load boost is too up??!

How do you do? everyone gives their experience.... :wink:

I hope that you understand me ! :?  :mrgreen:

Your cars / my black r5 gtt !
« on: 23:04, Sun 26 December 2010 »
First !!! Merry Christmas !!!!!!! :wink:

Hi, my name is meum and i'm in france, but i've travel sometimes in england (rtoc day, fcs, ...)  :wink: !

The last year, I was in Wales (at Wrexham) for studies ......... in the aeronautical ! I'm stay 1 year (9 months exactly), and i've see a lot a lot a lot of car prepared !!! :o  :mrgreen: But i haven't see a lot of r5 gt ...... I was with my 2ng gt (origin grey ph2) !

About my first r5 gt (The most interesting), it's a gt of 1987 (ph1 refurbished in ph2 !), nice black, & chrome wands on bumper, with wheels of clio16v black too (soon replaced by bbs lm in 16"!), engine prepared (I will do the description later... :wink: ) and seats Recaro Speed leather in the interior!! :twisted: I've had it now 3 years and I continue to work him often.

The gtt, i'm lovin' it !!! I drive all the days with this bomb !

One pic to better identify the person..... (I will add more later)

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